#Beauty is the best but HE'art is.....!

               Freshers are coming to the college for the first time. My friends and I are looking for them to tease for fun.

              All are dressed up well and we are shocked, a country girl for the first time come to the college with her traditional style, all are teasing at her along with me, She isn’t make-up, no trendy look, no modern accessories and not at all fair. Inconstantly, shivering innocent voice is her own. We, all named her “ The Nightingale”.


                  When she appears into the classroom, we are shouting and throwing rockets and doing some cat whistles. Unluckily, even girls show some bias to her and don't allow to sit her beside or next to them, with much fear,  keeping her down and the innocent look she comes and sits in the last row of the classroom although we are delivering some funny comments.

                   The lecturer is lecturing the class very seriously and meanwhile, I come and get class atmosphere, I suddenly go through the window and rapidly sit near that girl when a lecturer quickly checking the students' attention. The girl is seriously writing the key points of the subjects and I just have a single book and no pen, she gives me a pen without asking, I find she has a helping nature. When the lecture is completed I join with my friends and bunk to class and I forget the book.

                  Exams are at hand, we don't prepare any and I just go to examination and watching here and there, as usual, the girls are writing the answers like a NASA ROCKET.  I'm searching who will help me, there she appears like a RADAR to my confusion about the exam, at first she is denied to help in the exams, within two attempts she agrees to help, I find she is kind. With her help, I pass the exam with good marks. I wish to thank her and after exams, she is no more in the college or even hostel and later I find that she’s gone her home.



                   I ask so many guys to get her home address and at last, I find her home after a tedious journey. I feel very confused about how  the people are living with limited comforts and some are almost deadline to meet basic needs, though the constructions are not so but their(her parents and elders) way of receiving is humble and they respect each other irrespective of age and status and I figure out their kind nature and affection in their voice intonation. She comes home and feeling very surprising seeing me in her home as I don’t go any ones home ever before.

                  She asks me what brings me here “ I wish to thank you for your help and that’s why come here”. I may not get my study degree if you wouldn’t help me that day, she smiled and said thanks to you too for coming to a long distance and getting the address and saying thanks for your degree.

  Me: Now, your studies are over, Can you be my girlfriend and let's enjoy and travel around the world

She: I'm so sorry, My world is different, I'm not the correct match to you in any case and I'm not fair and black as the nightingale and no good social status and all.


        If you fail the exam, you may write it the next time, If I fail, I will be the reason for the loss of peoples' hope who are in my village.

Since you are rich, you have liberty and desires to travel around the world and fulfill your dreams


               My dream is to help my village what I’m living, studying and everything is with their hard earned money and I’ll be forever indebted to them lifelong. I don’t divert my mind and go for a luxuries life with a boy, you may deserve the beautiful girl as you are wishing for and I’m not her.


Me: Okay, Cool….!! But your job is tough and anyhow all the best, Hope for the best.


=>> After a few years
She: Who is next…? come on.

A blind man comes and says he has fever and cough and she gives him medicine.

Suddenly child come
 “ Da…daddy…! Hold my hand and walk carefully


She asks the child, “Where’s your mother”?
Kid downs her head and tells “ I don’t know, I don’t have a mother and my daddy is my everything.

 The nurse comes to her(doc) and tells the details of the patient(he):
His name is Jhon and he is from a rich family and now he left everything to an orphanage and living with a child.

She: He is born blind or anything else?

Nurse: He donated her eyes to a lady who saves a baby girl’s life in the accident, a car hits her and baby girl is safe but the lady is badly injured and lost her eyes and memory. Since then he adopts that baby girl and sees as his own daughter without marrying.


 Doctor(Nightingale) slowly recalling her memories bit by bit and she moves to him and hold his hand, his feet feel the teardrops and his heart melts and says..

                  Who are you, mam? She says with happy tears “ I’m not the beautiful girl you deserve” he understands her idiomatic expression and she is nothing but her classmate who helps her in the examination. And there are no bounds to their joy.

She: Jhon, Why do you sacrifice your eyes?
He: I can see the entire world but if you no eyes, the people hopes will be dark who eagerly waiting for your help.

I don’t mind of my sight,
I heartfully respect your insight,

It definitely creates delight,
may it fills the hopes of peoples’ light,

You are my might..!
you are my bright…!!

Can you be my light?

She: Of course My heart's byte, more than a million percents, You are my everlasting Sunshine babe.
He: I feel your moon heart baby.



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