So much has been discussed and talked about beautiful face and men uncontrollably admire beautiful face of a woman and give it the reason of falling in love with her, but the actual beauty a woman possesses is her attitude. The way she talks, walks, thinks, sits, eats, meets, smiles, wears, reconciles differences, responds to criticism with sense of humor and behalves. If the woman, despite having attractive face, lacks in afore-mentioned attributes which enhance the personality, she no longer remains attractive to anyone after one or two meetings 

If you are lacking these qualities, don't worry. You need much practice to make your personality more attractive. Since I began paying attention to myself, I notice a good response from friends especially  in parties. Be serious where you need to be and be hilarious  where fun is going on. 
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    • *from 

      English prepositions are not my friends...

    • lol

  • Firstly, beauty is not anything static. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder.

    Secondly, beauty has nothing to do with personality.
    We can't choose how we look like (you also can say our appearance), but we can do something for our personality because the personality is the combination of characteristics or qualities that form the distinctive character of someone.
    Personality defines each one of us as a unique individual. It's in our hands how we become a personality.
    Also if we lose the beauty of face and body by the time, our inner beauty, our personality, remains.
    That's what I believe in.

    Sometimes we realize true beauty only at second glance, and suddenly the inner beauty even turns into outer beauty.

    • Yes, we can't change facial shape but expression. Similarly We can't cange the fact, but improve where and how to produce. The production of unfavourable thing in favourable way is the reflection of your inner beauty is seen outside. Besides, improving your body language while expressing yourself or exchanging your views can make a great contribution to the enhancement of your personality. I have seen many times that nice people who look so impressive when they talk but they walk very akwardly. You need to improve every gesture, be it walking, talking, smiling, eating, greeting, meeting, sitting, wearing etc. A slight negligence in any of these features can spoil overall image of youf personality. 

      Thank Rose Iris for your kind comments 

  • I think the features to which you refer may be called "inner beauty" in some cultures.

    I once saw an advertisement in Paris (from a man looking for a woman) which read (from memory) "cherche femme dont la beauté intérieur se voit à l'extérieur", which I may loosely translate as: looking for a woman whose inner beauty can be seen on the outside

    • Thank you for sharing a piece of information 

      My blog has some piece of advice for those who, despite having inner beauty fail to bring them outside :) they don't realize that inner beauty can be fad away if they don't pay attention to their gestures which reflect in inner beauty. 

      Thank you Mr. Josef for your nice comment 

  • Yes I agree with you 100%. A good attitude covers our shortcomings and ugliness. Thank for  good advice 

    • Facial expression does have its importance but it doesn't require specific shape but simple smile from true and sincere heart. A smile from heart is attractive ;)  Thank Persona my friend for your comment 

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