Beautiful country in my heart

Hiii all, I have something to share ^^

   Have you ever read fairy humans as well as your national history  yet? When I stay in primary school as soon as know how to read&write mother tongue, I done. And from there I think everyone in this world is one. I love peace . War only causes suffering and separation .

I love my country an S-shaped country , located  in the center of Southeast Asia, bordered by China to the north, Laos to the northwest, Cambodia to the southwest, and the South China Sea to the east.

People here is enthusiastic , friendly and kind . Many young people and the relationship among them is respected. They  are always looking for friendly , always cheerful , comfortable laughing .

Even in companies noon , we always bring ourself lunch to eat at the same table , talking straw , although somewhat is noisy , but very fun.

In terms of family , Vietnam is now the grandchildren still live with their grandparents , or even three generations living together in one house .

In terms of scenery, you will  be surprised , everything look like picturesque, if you do not believe , try and feel. ^^  Some places that I want to mention is: Halong Bay, Mekong Delta, Hue…

Here you not only get to experience the comfortable moments with beautiful scenery and peaceful, but also enjoy traditional food  such as: “Pho”, “Banh xeo”, “Banh mi”... Especially, all is cheap and high nutrious.

If  you have time, come and experience.

That’s a little things about my country. My E skill is not good enough to share all. So, I will countinue later.



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  • It's so great. Congratulations!

  • You made me proud dear. Nice post!

  • You made me proud dear. Nice post!

  • this is my university one ^^


  • Hii, Chip Lady

    That's great. You're also VN. Recently, the East Sea issue has aroused the patriotism of every  Vietnamese. We love peace, and  we are not weak. People will support us. "Trường Sa", "Hoàng Sa" island belong to VietNam. 


  • Nice Blog. Keep writing. 

  • East Sea doesn't belong to China at all!

    By anyway, I like ur article! :)

  • M.Hakim,

    Nowadays, the cost of a tour is not expensive. If you have the time and love our country, you can go easily ^^ Welcome

  • Sanjeed, 

    Thanks your advice. I appreciate it. Of course, I'll try more, to write more nice pics ^^ 


  • Thanks Sunny. All the pics are so attractive. If I get the scope I must visit Vietnam and I must meet you. It it be I shall be very happy.  See you again.

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