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  • @blessing : yups a monkey very big, i dont know this made of stone or cement because I have never been stopped by this place but I often pass this way hahahhaha seems made of cement but not too dense content of cement

    yes, in Kalimantan still there many of Bakantan and stay in there ....
    you are welcome. I hope you can tell me about your city hehehhe

    @dara gino : alhamdulillah baik, Thanks ... Banjarmasin is Kalimantan Selatan
    yes Bakantan is mascot of Banjarmasin

    @noaslpls : maybe Bakantan call you so that you could come to our city hehehehhe

  • Apa kabar Maisa Ahmed Jailani, nama kamu sepertinya mama Arab. Saya harap kamu akan menjadi teman saya. Is Banjarmasin in Jakarta? I hope to be one of your friends.

  • Why is it screaming? 

This reply was deleted.