Bangla Poetry - 1


by Abul Hasan


The girl didn’t expect much!
So much grace, so much independence!
Expected less,

Unveiling the whole body leaning against the mirror
Sitting alone all noon, wanting
Mother to scold or papa to see her grief

The girl didn’t want much!
So much noise, crowd, gathering!
She wanted less than these.
A water stream
gives thirst to her just now, she wants
a man to call her darling!


Source : Two Poems – by Abul Hasan translated by Alamgir Mohammed

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  • hehehe

  • Thats one thing common to all ppl : to love and to be loved ... 

    Thanks for sharing this poem..

    • Thanks for commenting, Bossona.

  • I would like to say, it is a great effort to let other people read and learn  the portry of your part.  Though, it is always tough to get or feel the orginal texture or frangrance of a poetry through translation! But, nice work, indeed.

    • Got you. Thanks for the support! I guess this translation isn't strong enough to carry the originial thoughts and emotion.

  • Thanks for sharing!  

    • Anytime!

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