Bad thinking part (2)

He went to say that there were complicated things in life that need wisdom and common sense to be understood. Then the professor narrated a story for them saying, "a child got sick and when her father took her to the hospital the doctor prescribed medicine which he could not afford to buy.

He phoned his brother to help him to buy the medicine. His brother told him to wait one hour to bring him the money. The man waited anxiously and tried to call his brother but his brother's cell phone was closed. He tried to call many times in vain. Then he began to think bad about his brother, 'How come that he disappoints me?' While he was furious and angry like that the doorbell rang. When he opened the door he found his brother handing him the money that he had asked for and saying, 'sorry brother, I did not expect to take that long selling my cell phone. Then the man hugged his brother regretfully. The tears were in his eyes. 

After the lecture was over, the son came back home with less ill thinking about his father. He went to search on his father's exigencies and papers longing to see a picture of his mother with his father. From one diary the son read his father's writings, 'after the unanimous opinions of many doctors about the hopelessness of the state of my wife, and that she was going to die, I took her on a sea trip to see the world and to lessen her pain.

Owing to bad luck our ship sank and I found a chance to come back to take care of our little child. If he had not been there, I would not have thought of living after her. I wanted to live with her and die with her. The son wept a lot and when his father came home he ran into his arms saying, 'forgive me, dad.'     

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  • it is in the july 14 comment sir 

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    • Koy baad nahi Srinivas V. You are most welcome.

  • what is the meaning of NANRAY 

    and which language is it belong to 

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  • hello sir 

    after a long time I could sign in and read your post bad thinking it is inspiring to bring  changes in thinking towards others 

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    Hi dara

    Before we judge, we need to seek the truth. If the son asked his father about the story of his mother's death.
    He soon learned the truth and did not judge his father badly
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