Bad thinking part (1)


A man married a woman after a long burning love story. One year later, she gave birth to a beautiful child. When he was five years old, the father decided to take his wife on a sea trip to forget the problems of life. They left their son with their grandmother.

The ship sailed and there was no one except the two of them. Unfortunately, the ship had an accident. It sank in the sea, and there had been only one lifeboat which was for one person. The husband left his wife and quickly took the lifeboat. she was screaming and telling him to take care of their child. Then the ship sank and she died.

The father came back home to take care of his son. When he grew up he knew what had happened to his mother and he thought wrong about his father and there were grudging feelings towards his father. At the university, his teacher's lecture was about judging people or things by their appearances only. ,,,,, 

to be continued. 

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    • Bilkul Adrees, I defenitely agree with you, my dear good friend. Thanks for a short wise comment. 

  • Interesting enough to wait for the rest of the story.

    • Bahut, buhut shukriya, Mishaikh janab! Thanks for your encouraging comment. I really appreciate it. 

  • When can I read the continuation? Daraaa

    • Narito ito, Glosky. Paki, tignan mo. Thanks Glosky for your comment. 

  • It tends towards(M/F) emotions as Mostly men thinking guy did right whereas, women thinking it could have saved mother. Okey, I'm not on any side. The decision can be taken on real time situation and it depends on individual's own life moment at the same time when it occures. 

    But still, waiting for part 2.

    • Danyavaad Viral Panchal! Aap ka intizar lamba nahi. Well, we have to be on the side of right. As you mentioned, the man could be right. Someone, it is the woman. The second part will be posted soon. Thanks, Viral for your nice comment. 

  •     This is very controversial  . However  , men always run out their responsibilities  toward their wives and kids  . Sorry I don't mean to be judgemental  . But this is how things are mostly  . I will wait for part 2

    • Inti tamuri ya Hayat! Whatever you say we agree to it. We are selfish most of the time, not like you, women are always noble and kind. They carry out their responsibilities better than us Part two in its way soon. Thanks, Hayat. 

  • What a hard-hearted  and selfish person!

    What an unfortunate,unlucky ,miserable woman!

    What a hapless,unhappy child !

    I look  forward to reading  the next part of the story.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

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