Babri Masjid/Mosque in India

Dear All,

I decided to write a blog on this, because of few of my friends, who are true believers of this Mosque and have some affection for the same.

Babri Masjid/Mosque demolishment has been a big reason of controversy in India. It was done in 1992 by Hindu in the birth Place of Hindu God, Rama. Rama was born in Ayodhya, in the Uttar Pradesh State of India, way back 20000 years ago.

After he went to his abode, his children, Lava and Kush, went to Western countries (Presently called Pakistan and Afghanistan). Lava founded a city currently called as Lahore and Hindkush is the name after Kush.

So Rama’s birth place was one of the Shrines for Hindus. We used to worship that place because he saved us from Devils like Khar-dushan, Ravana, Kumbha Karan and many.

One fine day, one muslim called, Babri (Mughal King) entered in India and since Temples and Idols are against their morals, he ordered his people to demolish the Rama’s birth place and build the Mosque and later, that building was called, Babri Masjid in India. During their stay, they killed many Indians and forcefully converted many Hindus to Muslims and those who were not agreed, were burnt or chopped down with swords or put in jails and brutally harassed.

One by one, there were 12 Mughal kings who continuously ruled India and they demolished many Hindu temples and burnt many holly books and today we have no copies left (Still Vedas, Upa-vedas, Puranas, Bhagwad Geeta) are left, but many books were burnt.

After Muslims left after ruling for almost 1000 from 1100, AD to 1800 AD, British people ruled India from 1796 till 1947 and due to that we could not take any action against Babri Mosque.

Now a question for everyone,

  1. Is this a moral idea to demolish a temple and building a mosque which was not at all yours? Rama is our God, not a prophet. He did not spread a message of Hindusim like your prophet did. He saved India from Demons and hence we worship him and if you will build your mosque by replacing our temples, then obviously demolishment should be expected.
  2. IS this good to invade? This is a same ideology like ISIS is doing today. They are also doing the same like Mughal kings did in past.

I just wrote this blog for few people who were fighting over Babri Mosque. This is not just in Ayodhya, but also they did the same thing in Mathura (Krishna’s birth place). If you visit these two places, you will know the truth.


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  • Hi there, 

    Sound very old but provoking blog. Well, Dreamer I would like to inform you that when we were nowhere in this world :p many many centuries ago there have been many events in history where some kings invade some countries many had to face defeat and many won as well. 

    Britishers also ruled India :) They might have built many churches. 

    This is how today's world have been eventually made. 

    Not only India but u can read history of many Islamic countries as well. 

    Kings rules many countries and cities by winning it. My answer is India is a secular country where people of all religion are living. It is neither Islamic country nor Hindu country. 

    The countries u mentions in ur comment and said they (islamic countries) don't allow temples to be built and worship of idols in their country. Ofcourse because they are not secular cohntries. They have certain rules cause they are Islamic countries. 

    Now the case of Babri masjid is in court. let' wait n see what happens. 

    If I am.not wrong now there is one huge temple in Dubai. :D 

  • Camel:- I thought you are the one..:-) Sorry if you are not... ;-)

  • Well I can get what you say here. It's very sad (though i can't compare the loss of a 1992's building to the ancient sacred art who was terribly destroyed by ISIS)
    Unfortunately, this is not something new and it's happening since the human being made up religions. I could mention, for instance, when the catholic Spanish kingdom, in the Middle Age, stole muslmims' mosques to convert them into catholic churches. It's just a war: The defeated's belongings end up being expropriated by the one who wins. It's a never ending story.

    In my opinion, nowadays (XXI Century) instead to build 'sacred places' we just should build hospitals, schools, social services centers... If someone wants to pray, just pray at home. There is no need to build ostentatious buildings for that.

  • Camel:- Thank you for your reply brother. Afghanisthan was once a place for Buddhists. Buddhists were in majority during 305 BCE (Pre Islamic era) and Afghanistan was a very peaceful region. But then came Islamic rulers from countries like Saudi Arabia and they started kicking Buddhists monks from Afghanistan and since they used to be the peace lovers, they moved from there to Pakistan and also in Pakistan they were kicked and finally they were given shelter in the India. Even after entering in India, Mughals and many other Muslim emperors kept on transforming their mission of converting people and spreading their belief on these people and today, if you see closely, there is nothing called Buddhism in Afghanistan. 

    Camel, please check the history on internet properly, your prophets kept on converting people to Islam by force. I have given you examples of only Afghanistan, but countries like Indonesia, Maldives, Malaysia were also Buddhist countries, but today they are Islamic countries. 

    This is a policy of kill or convert....and you guys call it peaceful. I don't understand what is the reason.

  • Malkeet, see what is happening in ISIS rule. Do you want same in India with our family members?

  • Malkeet:- They never tolerate us, and hence we do not need to tolerate them. There is not a single temple, Gurudwara, Church in their countries. IF you see, do let me know. They have rules in their countries that we cannot worship God, so that is unfair.

  • Malkeet, we live in India for many years. We have a history of Guru Nanak, Guru Govind Singh ji, Rama, Krishna, Prithviraaj Chouhan, Ashoka the great. why should we tolerate invaders? They invaded our country and invading is wrong, you will nt allow anyone to invade in your farm or house...will you?

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