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  • I wonder why, after celebrating International Cat Day on August 8th, but only the Black Cat receives appreciation on August 17th 😄

    Thank you for sharing the calendar; it appears that we have a lot of celebration in August :D

    • Thank you for your comment. I thought that you knew about the black cat superstition. I suppose that's why the black cat receives an appreciation on August 17th.

      It is thought that the Norman and Germanic people originated the idea that a black cat crossing your path brought bad luck and believed that a sighting of a black cat was a sign that a death would soon occur. The fears about black cats quickly spread and it wasn't long before mass culling of black cats took place.

  • We celebrate the summer peak by this month and enjoy all the goodies it brings to us. We should be thankful and grateful for what it's given to us and keep on working to pass them on to our family friends and relatives.

  • unless you live South of the Ecuador.  Hopefully August will be cooler than July here.  August is also traditionally the beginning of hurricane season so be careful if you're traveling the Atlantic areas.

    • I appreciate your nice comment here. I would be careful if I had the chance to travel to these places.

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