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  • Thnk Nadyah : theer will be the second part just wait for it

    Notears: you did well i am proud of you

  • Cool presentation!



  • Thnk you skoony :)

    thnk DG for being my Manager ;)

    Notears we are still waiting for you :(

    Grace : just e patient I just Got home , so in few H ( after finish my cooking and my stomah will be full :p) I will send the second part

    Tara i dont know how to thank you but i will not give up untill my english will be like Nafis :D

    Nazie : just be patient for few h ok??

  • Great! Sorry Fotobabble doesn't let you babble. This happened to me too. Maybe you can finish your story in an audioboo. Here are two words to work on:

    designed (again that pesky "ed ending")
  • Please don't let us wait for so long...

    By the way, Anele's dancer is soooo cute. I really want to dance when seeing this lovely icon. ^^

  • Very nice brother !

    Keep it up !

  • Grace its totally right you are so smart thnks for showing me the video , but unfortnately vocaroo doesnt work for me :( but i will record a second part later when i Got free at home :)

    Dear Anele : I though only Notears and Nida who danse well now we have three danser we have to make you a competition to find who danse better lol hahhahahah

  • Is working for you to take a record?


  • D.M.: Thanks a bunch for taking part in the audio post. Your introduction is relly good. Could you try to add an additional post to finish it. I found a video from Youtube, please confirm if it is the same as yours. Have a great day.

  • Dear Anele , as the fotobable couldnt bear more time i will record a second part just for you :)

    ps: I do not live there , I live abroad but I miss my homeland

    Atika sister , I am proud of you too you always support me :)

    Notears :wait for my second part later but you should publish yours and tag someone else , i am waiting for you

    ps: keep dansing like that it so funny :p

    Valentine:thnks for your encouragement always  waiting for your turn :)

    Nida:thnk you  Dear , see Notears is dansing when she hear my voice :D

    Martin :thnk you sure i will record one more later just stay arround ;)



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