My father told me that he had left three things for me, his good reputation, books and his cassettes. He gave me a notebook filled with famous poems from reknown poets. He gathered this collection since his childhood. This notebook accompanied him in life hardship and now he gave it to me. My father said he did not have huge money or property to leave, except these cultural products and he emphasized that nothing is important than righteousness and good reputation in life.These are his legacy for me.It has been more than seven hundred years that Genghis Khan has died-the cruelest Chinese emperor. Recalling his name even today brings fear into minds. Adolf Hitler does not exist any more. But, people hate him and curse him because of slaughtering innocent people, spreading agony, poverty, horror and genecide around the globe. Nobody wants to name children by their first name. I do not like to be remembered with such a bad reputation at the end of my life. I do not want my name bring horror and sadness into minds.Maharishi Mahesh Yogi was an Indian spiritual guru. He turned traditional meditation into scientific meditation called Transcendental Meditation. By doing this, he saved thousands of people around the world. This kind of meditation benefits body and mind causing relaxation, self-confidence, socialization, crime reduction and etc. When he died, all people from different continents suffered from the terrible loss. I want to serve public in order to be remembered even after my death. I want people remember me by works I had done for them.In the notebook that my father gave me is a memorable poem. The poet narrates when we come to this world, we cry but people laugh. They are happy because of our birth. When we die, people cry and we laugh. They are sad because we left them. So, I want to live my life in such a way that after my death , people cry and I laugh.What do you think? At the end of your life, how would you most like to be remembered?
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  • Nice blog. Enjoyed reading it.  Your father is great with values in the heart. And yeah..I'd prefer not to be remembered at all then as one of the dictators or cruel people.

  • Dear Yeshiwua, I'm glad you liked it. Smile is a big gift we give to others. Thanks a lot.

  • Nice blog ^__^ I enjoy reading this. Hope someday someone can remember me the way I smile :)

  • Dear Asma, thanks a million for your nice comment. I am so sure you can do all the things you mentioned here. I wish you all the best..take care!

  • Hi Nafis

    It is interesting writing I really enjoyed reading it .

    I don’t think about how to be remembered as much as how can I look at myself. First I want to do something worthy, special and unusual in my life .I don’t want to come to the earth and leave it without doing remarkable things may be I will not succeed but at least I will try and fight for that .then I hope others remember me in a way that will make me proud in myself and make my Family proud too. I just try to be myself ,to be good daughter ,good wife,good mother,good teacher …etc and bring joy and happiness to people.

    Have a nice time

  • Nice writing and an excellent question! At the end of my life I hope to be remembered as a person who listened to everyday people--someone who cared about the tiny details, such as what you take in your tea. I hope my children will remember me as someone who took the time to raise them well. No matter how long I live I hope people will describe me as a little bit "silly".
  • I wish to be remembered as a person who helped people along the way and made a difference in the quality of their lives.
  • I hope somebody say i am a good pilot after i die
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