○°• At the doorstep of my 40s °○•

    I am wailing my youth in front of my mirror checking every inch in my face .I don't look that bad there's no wrinkles yet but they are hidden down in my skin. There are 4 only 4 grey hairs . I can cover them no one will see them . In my eyes I think I look in a good shape as if I am in the middle of my 30s . However , unlike most of women i have my own bad habit of telling my real age . I like to watch the excitement on other people faces, when I tell them , at least I am breaking a feminism norm .
            At a moment I thought that I don't have any great memories of anything. I have lost 20 years in an eye blink . I can express my whole experience as I was under pressure . I have battled with many factors like having kids , raising them and other people look toward me even though I ignored their opinions about me , but I do have that sense of bitterness inside of me . The voice that always say " I am a good woman , why did they attacked me alot "
I regret over thinking that have stressed me alot . I have tried to handel bad moments or to defend my self sometimes . I have gone through all kinds of situation and now I am aware that I still have 10 years in front of me before I lost them . Life is priceless , we shouldn't waste it on ridiculous things or wait for others to brag about their boring advices for us .
The only thing that kept me going all these years was my faith in God and reading books . A habit that stopped me from falling apart , reading kept me with an opened mind , a positive attitude and a passion to presue .
          I am growing old and as they say old is gold . My 40s is the age of reason , which means that I have reached the full confidence of my abilities to judge things right and to behave also right . At my 40s I find my self oblige to say one advice everyone should treat him / herself kind because no one will do it for you . Try to be in your best condition . Take your health seriously . Eat as much natural things as you can . Walk alot . Avoid toxic people and keep your passions boiling on a low fire . Move on you are the same person at every stage of your life . So make the best of you everytime . Don't give anyone the permission to make you miserable.

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  • Hi Rosemary, I like what you wrote, it reminded me when I was 40, nice number.  I think,  age at any time has it's own beauty, at my age(60), I can feel that I'm 20 or 40 when I remember all thouse beautiful moment that I've lived. It's very true that we get wiser when we get older and good advice come from us, thanks you for yours.

  •     Thanks Youssef :) 

  • Come on! You are still young.  When I was reading your blog I thought that you are in your 60s or 70s 

    Thank you for the advice

    "Try to be in your best condition . Take your health seriously . Eat as much natural things as you can . Walk alot . Avoid toxic people and keep your passions boiling on a low fire ."

  •      My dear friends Batuu  , Paula  , Mishaikh , arif and bet  . I have really enjoyed  reading your feedbacks  and thoughts about growing old  . Thank you all :) 

  • Congratulations....in forty's group....lol , look forty is a great age...when you are not too young and not too old....so enjoy

  • A good piece of writing I liked it so much! 

    When I ponder over my growing age, I am saddened for awhile, but what makes me happy and releases me from anguish is to know how much I have learned from people and life experience. I realize that I am not as ignorant as I used to be 20 years ago. The more I pass the time, the more I acquire knowledge that's what satiates me to maximum.  For instance, look at your well written blog and analize it with the writiing 20 years ago, you may find much difference. The only way you may keep yourself happy in older age is to help the youngers with your knowledge and experiences. 

  • @Rosemary

    Now you have become "mature".  You know usually at this age the prophethood begins.  In Western societies, 40s still considered as young age, but with maturity. So why worry, it has to move on.  Now you can enjoy your vision and wisdom. Goodluck.

  • Great blog Rosemary!!!  I am sure it resonates with a lot of us!!  Age is but a number.......or so people say......and in a way I do believe that.   People are always going to be critical......I feel they don't have anything else to do to make themselves feel better about what is happening in their own lives when they are like that.  Self doubt makes us cautious......but as one knows too much of anything can be detrimental.  We do learn as we get older......I think we are at our best in this condition......unfortunately......I always have wondered why I could not be younger and know what I know now!!!  LOL  Why we are made as we are.  It seems reversed.  Life is a challenge and always will be.  We cannot avoid that.  I now believe there is nothing wrong with being content......be it with someone or without.  Take the trials......but know it is but a journey......and we will most likely do our best to do what we feel is the right thing.  Trust ourselves.  We are the one's that know what we are about.  Just because people say they see in regards to us.....doesn't mean they are seeing clearly.  If my body cooperated better......I would love being the age I am now.  I have the power to say no to things that stress me out.  I can say no if someone doesn't treat me well.  The one thing about advice......it is free.....LOL......but.....I always consider the source in such a situation.  People that think they know all things......in reality know very little........besides if they were that great......we wouldn't have to worry about them because they would be in great demand and we would never be in their sights anyway.  Take the age.....embrace it.......it is a good thing in most cases.  Just a bit trying physically.  Thanks for sharing it is a subject all women can identify with.  

  • Quite nice and well-written blog. I enjoyed reading it. Thanx for sharing it with us. And The life is priceless.we should know its value and make a path to live in that direction . None else is the driver of your transportation. You are the only one who can manage it and direct it...

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