○°• At the doorstep of my 40s °○•

    I am wailing my youth in front of my mirror checking every inch in my face .I don't look that bad there's no wrinkles yet but they are hidden down in my skin. There are 4 only 4 grey hairs . I can cover them no one will see them . In my eyes I think I look in a good shape as if I am in the middle of my 30s . However , unlike most of women i have my own bad habit of telling my real age . I like to watch the excitement on other people faces, when I tell them , at least I am breaking a feminism norm .
            At a moment I thought that I don't have any great memories of anything. I have lost 20 years in an eye blink . I can express my whole experience as I was under pressure . I have battled with many factors like having kids , raising them and other people look toward me even though I ignored their opinions about me , but I do have that sense of bitterness inside of me . The voice that always say " I am a good woman , why did they attacked me alot "
I regret over thinking that have stressed me alot . I have tried to handel bad moments or to defend my self sometimes . I have gone through all kinds of situation and now I am aware that I still have 10 years in front of me before I lost them . Life is priceless , we shouldn't waste it on ridiculous things or wait for others to brag about their boring advices for us .
The only thing that kept me going all these years was my faith in God and reading books . A habit that stopped me from falling apart , reading kept me with an opened mind , a positive attitude and a passion to presue .
          I am growing old and as they say old is gold . My 40s is the age of reason , which means that I have reached the full confidence of my abilities to judge things right and to behave also right . At my 40s I find my self oblige to say one advice everyone should treat him / herself kind because no one will do it for you . Try to be in your best condition . Take your health seriously . Eat as much natural things as you can . Walk alot . Avoid toxic people and keep your passions boiling on a low fire . Move on you are the same person at every stage of your life . So make the best of you everytime . Don't give anyone the permission to make you miserable.

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  •   Thanks for your nice words Estanis  :)  Have a nice day my friend 

  • Hats off... I identify with your blog, actually it's like the female version of my thoughts in this matter lol...

    Sure, we had to deal with many battles, some of them had a high price that we had to pay with stress, anxiety, depression and surely many tears to get the self stem and pride we start to enjoy in our 40's  But it's worth, right? ;)     Lets say it's a fact of life.

    Wellcome to the 40's team Rosemary, surely the most balanced stage in life :D

  • @ O. M   . You are right  any woman  can start her life from her 40s  . It isn't that late  :) 

    @ Mr  . Joseph  ,  I haven't  heard of that expression   . It's a very positive  one  .  :) 

               Thanks  for you both  and have a nice day :) 

  • I take it you never heard of the expression: “Life begins at 40”? Watcha gonna do at 50?

  • Rosemary, dear, the best age ever!!!! Life just starts here ))) And it's the funniest age as well. Some girls fall in love, get married and give birth, others become grannies ))) Enjoy it!!!


  •    @ Rose  , thanks for all of your words and golden advice of staying young from the inside :) 

        @ ella  , the story of the man that you have mentioned have many indication that might be unknown  for us and it's terrible when one own life becomes his enemy    :) 

               My dear friends  , I have really enjoyed  reading each and every word  in your comments  . Have a nice time both of you :) 

  • Very nice blog dear Rosemary J

    I recalled some memories regarding  ages..

    My friend and me were about  20 years old when we heard that some neighbour did suicide.  One woman, talking about that,  said : „ Poor boy.. He was in the middle of youth“ ..   We asked how old is he, assuming that he was our generation so we might know him..  She said : „ Just 40.. „

    My friend and I looked at each other..   We thought same:  „ ..  40 is  the midlle youth??  No kidding?“

    If it was not  truly tragedy, we would make comedy of such statement, for sure..  May God forgive us )

    Now , as I am getting closer and closer to famous 40, I see that our stupidity, immaturity and naivety were proportional to our youth and beauty .. :D    

    From the other side, thanks to such huge immaturity and naivety  I survived some hard periodes of my life. There were so much patient, youthful enthusiasm, crazyness, so much mistakes, so much pain..

     But..  now I enjoy results :)

    If I had this attitude as I have now, toward life, ppl,  situations.. I would do some things on very different way.. . I think I would kicked out some persons from my life in very short time :D  But, I also think i would lose chance to change myself.. I would miss chance to let others to change self, too..  I would lose chance to get such great life lesson..  And I still learn.. and still do so many mistakes..   It means I need to get more mature..  ))

    Becoming more mature, I think I will more enjoy my life .. :)

  • Dear Rosemary.
    I enjoyed reading your post. Some lines made me smile.
    As I am one of the oldest members here (not in terms of my membership but age), I think I can tell you a secret.
    We never get old as long as our mind keeps young.
    There will always be a big difference between the number of our age and how we feel about it. Believe me, please, we never feel old inside.
    There is always a part of our youth inside us.

    By the years, we gather experience. We are no longer as carefree and spontaneous when we have to make decisions because we know our responsibility. Everything we do doesn't affect only yourself. That's sometimes a burden, but we do it with pleasure.
    Our face and body shows signs of age, but is that so important? Who cares!!!

    As long as we still have goals and dreams, and as long as we stay active in our lives, we do not age. Young people might think that it is not true because they can not imagine it. But as they get older, they will agree with me.

    We do not feel old, but wiser and more mature. The life lessons never stop teaching us.

    The book of our life fills page by page with new chapters. No chapter is like the other. That makes our life valuable and interesting.

  •    My dear friends  , Cecilia and SNR  . I have enjoyed  reading your words about age and growing up  . Because   , we as women  get under many stresses  and pressures   and unlike men it isn't easy for us to accept the passing of time or to declare our ages  . Thank you both :) 

  • Hi dear, rosemary, 

    A nice blog. Though sometimes I feel I am growing older as days passing and get a little bit worried about it. But the most important thing is every single day and incident of our life teaches us something.so growing older is not invain :) we learn valuable lessons which no matter whichever book we read can never reach us. We fall and learn something everytime from it. We become more sting and mature. 

    Thanks a lot for your suggestions and sharing this nice writing. :)

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