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Asking EC !

Hello!  I have been asking for several times a question that is " From where exactly can we leave EC?" After this site has been updated , I became unable to find answers for my question. I hope to get a reply 

"From Where Exactly Can I leave EC?"

Thanks in advance for any reply!

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  • Dear Amani, if you write such a blog, means you might be doubting if to quit or not. I would go with MA NO and Mishaikh's comments. Think twice, and maybe you just need to keep yourself busy with something else and not open EC for a while. We leave EC and miss it after.

    Good luck )))

  • Instead of quiting the site you may stay 'dorment' for a awhile.  Become active whenever you like.

  • Thanks MA NO :) 

    Hmm to keep my word , it is my decision any way :) You don't have to worry while it is up to me . Thanks again dear:)

  • Thanks Mr. Joseph :)

  • Mod

     Amani, I advised you to stay around and enjoy your presence here but if you insist on leaving, here you are: 

    Go to your profile page and click options
























    Then click edit profile and go down below, you will see "leave MyEnglishClub" 

























    Click it and you will no longer be a member of MyEC. I hope this will help you.

    Dont forget to keep your word and good luck:)

  • This is your blog. Please post technical questions at:

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    MyEnglishClub (MyEC), your page in English
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