As I get older!

    With age and as we get older, we acquire different ways of forming ideas and perspectives. Our vision of things; no matter how simple they are; changes in one way or another after the experience we obtain. Normally, when I clean fruits such as berries, strawberries and grapes, or even vegetables, such as tomatoes, I always thank God for His grace and generosity on us. But one day; during my cleaning of the fruit and of course my thanks and praise to God; I felt tired as I cleane them one by one, and in order not to feel bored or tired I convinced myself that no matter how long the cleaning time is, I will definitely finish this work sooner or later, so why do I not have fun doing the work so that time passes smoothly and easily?

    While cleaning fruits, I separate them, so I choose the extremely ripe and mellow ones to make jam while I use excellent ripe in preparing juices. For the wholesome and highly flavored ones, I offer them to decorate the cakes and dessert. The strange thing is that I am indifferent to myself if I desire to eat a fruit on my own. Actually, I love my family members,  and I do not feel the taste of something without them!

    I don't know why I linked this process to the reality of my life?! Why do I forbid myself to enjoy even a simple thing? And why don't I separate a bad memory and get rid of it permanently, why should I keep it as if it's forgotten? And why do not I make beautiful memories of myself as I do wish them not as others wish them?

Oops! Time went by quickly while cleaning the fruits, while I thought deeply, and while I was absent-minded! Uh! Do the days of life and the time that we live expire so quickly when we dive into the sea of ​​deep thinking of yesterday, today and tomorrow? Oh! Why do we not quickly realize the danger that the days pass without proper exploitation? Why do we not enjoy ourselves without making a mistake, hurting someone or committing a sin?

I will review myself, perhaps... it is not too late.

🌷Miss. Hadeel Mohammed Refaat ElSobkey🌷

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  • Actually I like this blog 

    It means a lot of things 

    It is good to observe that gifts from our God

    It is good to think our life and how we can enjoy it 


    I think you did great job Miss 


    • Thank you Memo, yet I want you to read between lines.

  • What is the best phrase   :  clean the fruits or wash the fruits ....????..If I were you I would say  wash the fruits and vegetables...No ?

    • Both are correct; Covid19 taught us😁. 

  •  Thanks for sharing your current of thoughts while cleaning fruits, nice write-up

    • Oooooooh! If I can share all my thoughts, I'll not finish. Lol:)

  • very touching words. keep going

    • Thank you Ishak, wait for my next blog; it might be a poem.

  • Very nice 👍

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