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These days, people are becoming more and more interested on science, technology and business rather than arts. There are man reasons behind that. For me the following two reasons are most important among them

Firstly, nowadays due to technological revolution computer games and social media have taken the place of arts. Earlier people went to concert or art gallery to spend leisure-time but now, people are not interested on fine arts or classical music.

Secondly, it is required sophesticated mind to realize the depth of delicate arts. Now people have no time to think. They are too busy to dig out the real charm of fine arts. 

One of the major difference between fine arts and popular form of media is that fine arts put a longer lasting impect on our mind whereas, trandy songs or video games have comparatively short time impact on our mind.

To change this situation government has to take the vital role. It is very important to promote arts and culture to rejuvanite its appeal among younger generation. Study of fine arts should be incorporated in school syllabus thus children and teenagers have a better understanding on delicate arts, culture and heritage. Moreover, young artists, musicians and actors should be motivated to produce better work.

In conclusion, there is no doubt that science, technology and business are the future of the world and there is a huge importance to make people interested on these topic. However, arts have a everlasting appeal all over the world. It helps younger people to think innovative and achieve humaniterian quality. So, for me there is no way we could abandon arts for science, technology or business.


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  •      On behalf of myself I inherited from my father, May God mercy his soul, how to cherish the art. He was my inspirer. And later on I became a teacher of Arabic Literature. So, art was and is the fuel of my soul. Literary studies taught me how to sense all kinds of art. Whether if it is written words like: stories, novels, poems and songs. Or if it is just several movements which are translated into dance. And we mustn’t forget the art of colors which produces a nice pictures.

         Sculpturing art is one of the most marvelous arts which human being invented. And we have to remember every hand crafts arts.

         Finally, thanks a lot for this nice topic. And I agree with you that we have to nourish art sense in the new generations’ feelings.  God bless you.

  • Valo achi tumi, Md Sidiqui bai! Art is beautiful and we all love it. Why did you choose the younger people for it. Nice topic and thanks for sharing.

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