Art of giving

It's very unpleasant to see how diverse our society is.. One section of it has everything from food to clothes, in surplus while the other craves even for a one time meal. This makes me think whether we humans justify humanity by letting this huge gap between us. Of course we cant change things singlehandedly but together we can surely make a difference.I believe in "giving". I like to share whatever I have with others. There is a myth that more we'll acquire things, more satisfied we'll be, but in reality it is totally opposite. You cannot be content by achieving more and more. It'll just set new goals. No matter how rich you become in life, it'll not give you a guarantee happiness. So what gives a guarantee happiness? I think "sharing" does.Businessmen do charities in form of money, that's very kind, but money is not just everything a person requires. For instance, my friend used to visit an old age home weekly. What do you think these oldies at their sixties or seventies look for. Of course it's not money, it's the little attention from others, a little time of yours that makes them happy. Does it cost much? Not at all. Therefore, We should motivate ourselves to indulge more and more in "giving" activities without expecting anything in return. This will give you that much needed joy and happiness. After all, what is the use of money if it cannot put a smile on someone's face. I believe, art of "giving" is definitely the art of living. What do you guys think what gives you satisfaction? Please share your views and experiences.
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  • Thank yo so much eric for adding your valuable thoughts to this blog. It'll really help others to get the concept better and will provide some sort of insight too.
  • Yes anele you are totally correct in saying that many a times we just look for bigger opportunities to show how "helping" we could be. But sometimes it's the small 'helps' to the persons around us that really need to be done. But perhaps we feel it too small to be done. What a beautiful last line you have written.
    Finally, thanks for appreciating my blog, it'll encourage me to write more.
  • There's an old saying in English that honestly isn't too well known by most mainstream Americans. With that being stated, I know it very well..."We only keep what we have by giving it away"...It's all about sharing our experience, strength and hope with those who are still suffering while wishing to be better people. I hope it helps with the concept of true giving.  

  • Don't look at the world as if it is reachable is the same as don't extend help to the unreachable when our neighbors are just around the corner needy of our help. 

    We tend to look at the larger scale when it comes to helping others.  Often, the result of this is we do nothing but dream.  Have we seen how our recent companion or the person nearest to us wait for our help?  When we saw a child stumble, did we offer our help?  Have we offered a cold drink to our  visitors who thirst for water?  

    Help is not measurable.  We don't need to be like Bill Gates or Angelina Jolie to be able to perform their art of giving.  Remember, unseen act of kindness is waiting for greater rewards than the publicized one.

    Nice blog, Ajay....

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