Are You Taking Advantage?

Are you taking advantage of all that is offered here on the EC website?

This morning I was reading some of the blogs here (btw Noa, when did you get to Chapter 9, last I saw was Chapter 6 lol?), when I came across a very interesting blog. I had read the blog when I first joined EC about a month ago, but as a native English speaker, I read it and went on.

This morning it came back to my attention. Since I had a bit of time, I looked at it a little closer. I was surprised by what I found. But what surprised me more was how few members were actually participating.

Blog: We're Back and Ready for Resumption. the ‘Pronunciation Study Sessions’ conducted jointly by Galina and I right here on MyEC last year. (the I is not me, Vanessa, but Galina's partner.)

They have put together a very interesting study session I think everyone should look into. Beverly Stout also posted a comment with a link for learning and practicing English, which was also very good.

I have been here just a month. I am stilling poking around looking at everything and I am amazed at what is here. Groups, Forums, Discussions, the Chatroom, Blogs. EVERYTHING! The "Learning English and Teaching English" sections are wonderful. You don't have to be a teacher to go and investigate the Teaching English section, you know, just nosey!

I get so many requests, "Please help me, I want to improve." My question is what are you doing to help yourself? Are you taking advantage of all that is here on EC. Are you taking advantage of the links they provide such as www.livemocha? By the way, I am learning Chinese on LiveMocha, are you registered to learn English?

Anyway, I feel if you are not taking advantage of all that is offered here, you are missing out in a big way.

Please don't miss out anymore. Take advantage of all that is here!

BTW: One more thing please about the Chatroom. When you are in the chatroom and there is a "teacher" there, do you watch how they chat? Do you jot down a phrase they are using? Do you look at how they are writing their sentences? Most of the time, they are typing the way they talk. How do they say things? How do they express themselves? Are you writing down anything you see at all, so you can add it to your vocabulary? Or are you just chatting away? Think about it please.

Thanks for your time this morning, I know I got a little preachy. Vanessa


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  • No doubt about it.

  • in my opinion most of the peoples are chatting just for a time pass they are not taking any initiative for developing the language always saying hi hello 

  • Thank you Vanessa for this blog , really it is very useful

  • Hi Tara, Actually, I didn't. I saw the Writing Challenge but there is just so much here on MyEC, I didn't get back to it. I guess too, I didn't think I had anything to contribute. I don't know if the members here really realize how much their skills will improve just by using what is here. I hope more and more members will go "poking around" to see what they can find. Just recently, I found the world clock, great for skype users so they don't call at the wrong time of the day. And tonight, Heaven shared that there was a place to listen to English and practice. Amazing! Everything anyone could want right here in one place. I have told my foreign teacher staff as well as our Chinese teachers about it. I hope they will join soon. Thank you so much for providing all of this.

  • Thanks for writing this fantastic blog post, Vanessa! I don't know if you meant to take the recent Writing Challenge or not, but I shared your post in the comments there since it's right on topic! We always hoped to have a good mix of teachers and learners on MyEC. It's great to have members like you, Garbriel, and Galina (and so many more...)!

  • Sure Sima, but not at this time bcz from cell phone we cant post pictures.
    But dont wory Inshallah when my computer net link will up, I ' ll share something, thanks sima for invite.
  • ke ke ke Asif i give up ...sorry elder brother :)"hey Asif why dont you leave comment about your country in my blog post i just have not any comment form Pakistan looool :) not just that :) 

  • Obviously, yur elder brother. LoL
  • Than Who was right Vanessa ?:)

  • Hi Faisal. Welcome to EC. I think you are really going to like it here. There is a lot do and the chatroom is great fun. I hope you will stop by the chatroom sometime and say hello to everyone.

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