Are you brave enough?

Are you brave enough ____________________?

Feel free to complete the question by using infinitive (like to climb, to obey, to swim, to fight, etc.) and after that answer the question whole heartedly (explain why). Now, if you consider yourself really brave enough. Declare this: "I AM BRAVE. I AM *RED".

* Red is a sign of braveness. R - Remarkably

E - Efficient and

D - Determined

Here's mine:

Are you brave enough to handle your life?

Ans. : Yes, I am brave enough and bold enough to handle my life. Whatever problems, failures, loneliness, etc. I surely give my best shot to overcome all of these. I don't want to miss this life God has given to me. I don't want to waste my time because I know our time is limited. I'll always have the courage to follow my heart and intuition. Continuously standing still with head up high and be the inspiration. If not to the world, then for my kids and for my family. "Courage is stronger than steel"  (from the movie REAL STEEL). So, I AM BRAVE. I AM RED.

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  • I would like to share this song to all of you.

  • You made me laugh Jasmine. I will keep on waiting for your braveness. Happy Eid Day!

    Ms. Anele, you always inspire me with your beautiful words. I know you are so brave woman.

    Thanks to both of you mwah!


  • hehe ahh thnx!!!!!!!
  • Yeah, Dr. Gru! Absolutely, everything is okey with you from head to toe hehehehe. You are brave enough to be gorgeous guy.


  • m brave but m brown not red :(
    is everything ohkay with me?
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