Are you a gourmand? :)

Hi there, friends!

While browsing through the members' pages a few moments ago I came across a new word "gourmand". I saw the meaning of it and found it very interesting. What I like the most is the fact that I am a gourmand myself! ;)

Can you guess the meaning of this word without looking up in a dictionary and do you consider yourself a gourmand, too? :)

Image given below is a big clue! :)

Couverture de Garfield, tome 46 : Moi, gourmand ?
Image taken from here.
Want to look up the meaning of gourmand in a dictionary, click here.
P.S. I found the US pronunciation of gourmand easier than UK pronunciation. What about you? :)
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  • I'm a gourmand too. Is there a word for people who like to sleep..ha ha

  • Nadeedi = food lover :)
  • Isn't it "greedy"?
  • Btw if you are a gourmand, you must be fattest one, I guess so :D
  • Having looked at this image, at once a word that occurred to my mind was (in roman Urdu) "nadeedi." I don't recall what we call it in English. Please let me know if you know its meaning. Please enrich my poor vocab. :
  • Khaled J Sultan, Noaslpls, Onee-Chan, Mishaikh, Shoba and AG!

    Thank you for your lovely comments. :)

  • Oh, What a word... 

    In fact, sorry because I cheated only a bit :O :P 

    I was looking at the title of your blog and wondering what in the heaven the meaning of this word is!!! lol, so I am sorry coz I was not very patient to read any more before I got a dictionary and looked it up :D 

    Well... you are very true.... Even I think I am also gourmand.. it's a WoW Vocabulary really...

    Thanks for sharing it with us :) 

  • Thank you for teaching us this new word, dear Nida. I think I am a gourmand. My friends always say that the only thing I do well is eating. :)

    I looked up this word and found some related words; foodie, gourmet and glutton. 

  • I think it is more often used because I have read this on number of occassions especially when talking about.
  • Thanks for sharing this word, Nida. I don't have a specific word in my Native...and I'm not a gourmand. hehe

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