Apam, Apam, Apam :D

This is a cake from my town, Apam. People usually call it Apam Barabai. Usually this cake is often bought by those who passed through my town. There are two kinds of cake, white apam and red apam . But I prefer red Apam. It tastes sweeter, which distinguishes this Apams from other areas are small and thin in shape. The taste is more typical. It is usually wrapped in banana leaves that smell more fragrant. The price of each pack is between 8,000 to 10,000 rupiahs, less than 1 dollar. May be a little ugly, but the taste will not disappoint. This is the cake from my area, what is from your area?

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  • Thank you, Expector Smith :)

  • Wow, the cake from your country seem very tasty Elen, what the name of the cake?

  • Let's come to my town sophi(a)sticated, and try this cake ;)

  • Yes noaslpls, it likes crepes. Where do you from?

  • Hi Fatimah, nice to meet you, salam papadaan murakata :)

  • Yummm... they look delicious. It looks like crepe. Over here, we have something similar. We call it 'apam balik'. It's a crepe like with various fillings such as read beans, sweet corns, peanuts and such. 

  • Hmm... it looks like many little pies, the one up to the other. Very simple but that doesn't mean anything. I like the red and we make similar in my country and we use them to eat them with chocolate or with something salty and they are delicious.

    Here the cake it is baked in the oven. It is made of flour, batter or olive oil, sugar, eggs, milk, vanilla and chocolate. I think in English it is called bond or something like that.

  • Selalamat pagi Dewi Risma N. Saya suka cake mu dan saya suka apam merah juga. Saya akan menjadi teman anda Dewi. I hope to be one of your friends. I like the red cake too.


  • Great! Thanks for sharing the cakes. 

    I assume you mean people will eat the cakes when they visit your town. If so, it makes sense since the cakes seem to be delicious.  

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