Any Sweets? ;-)

I think there isn't any person persons in the world who doesn't enjoy sweets, chocolates or ice creams. Honestly even a bite of any sweets sweet can cheer me up. As a big fan of it, there isn't any taste like sweets. Trying any sweets sweet in the coffee shops and specially with close friends can be so delighting. The sweetest question a waiter/waitress can ask is any sweets? ;-)

Sometimes I feel gloomy without any reason so the first thing coming to my mind is to help myself with a glass of hot drink and a piece of cake, specially chocolate cake. It really works for me. Guys, please try it and have fun with sweets but don't forget to do exercise and care about your health. 

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  • Thanks a ton dear mitran and dear Shaila for taking your precious time here. 

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  • hehehe...what a nice thought Fahime! Really I'm a top model ....although it happens only in my son's thought

  • Dear mitran you are a top model in your motherhood. Thanks darling for leaving your nice comment here.

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  • I love all but kekeke...I want to be "a top model"

    Just kidding my dear, now, I have 3 kids and my body is big..bigger...bigger...that no need to eat anything hic hic

  • Dear setareh thanks for reading it and leaving your nice comment. 

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  • Dear Fahim, nice and sweet writing! Thanks for sharing.
  • Dear ELF Noor and dear noona^; it's really great to read your both sweet comments on my blog.

    Thanks so much.

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  • oh nice blog... you are also sweet..:)

    2643609185?profile=originalsome sweets from me.. !!

  • Dear Camel ; I like ice creams too, specially in the summer :-) 

    Thanks for your comment. 

  • My sweetie bro thanks a ton for leaving here your nice words. 

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