Another response to my blog "I am happy I forgot her"

"After our separation my friends who saw me said I didn't care.

They said to be with or without you, I will survive!

They said I, all my lifetime have never cried.

They said your tears while we were leaving, didn't bother me!

They said it's impossible that I will be lost after leaving you!

And said that after leaving you, I do live all my days in spring!

They said that I and you have never been matching for each other!

And said that it would have been a must that I will forget you!

Whereas the truth is that after leaving you I taste the HELL

And that actually since then I found the tears are very dear.

And the longing to you never left me,
which makes me look for you within me to find that the yearning for you is filling in all of me

And that life after leaving you is just endless night.

All the long night, my tears and your memories don't want to leave me just like friends.
Suffering them, especially at nights
While, I feel very much fearing about you, just want to get calm about you,
but I don't know why I fear my eyes to meet yours!

Excuse me, but you are a liar, as your words are crying.............. you are not happy at all!

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  • Agreed Saba!

  • When someone says to his/her lover " I am happy to forget you".......he/she is lying, because there is no need to express such things.

  • Thanks Romina for your wise comments.

  • Thanks a lot Minaal, Mustafa and Nawa for your nice comments.

  • we always realize the value of something or someone, when they r not with us !

  • I am most grateful to you all for your appreciation.

  • Nice blog. I like it. In my view  in pure love there is no demand, no bargaining ,no cheating ....only believe ,only care, only happy....if everything is there .....there is no  forget  , no. pain

    first we decide  that there is or use...if use ...that is not ...pain.

  • The powerful feelings of love are always touching .

  • nice

  • So touching!but matching is seperated from love!a sad end is better than an endless sadness!!!
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