I'm really glad to see that many people participated in luzzi writing challenge. That was really an interesting task.

I think we really enjoyed reading some blogs. Now it's time to move to another topic. I've chosen a tittle which is very interesting and the reason I've selected this tittle because I wanna read cherish and fun things.

Everyone who's interested should write a blog about below tittle, there is no limit of words. It's up to you how you attract the users.

One Special day 


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  • I will come to write if I have enough time.

  • Salam Ali, Ramadan mubarak.

    Thanks for sharing this nice topic , Count me In . Just wait for me because I am a bit busy during Ramadan . Inshaallah I will share my entry as soon as i can.

    keep well bro :)

  • Thanks Anah for participating.....I really apprecaite

  • buhaha :D here is my entry :D 


    have a look at it :) thnks :)

  • @ Saba

    If you participate in this writing challenge, that would be highly appreciated. 

  • Many thanks Niki for participation

  • Dear Ali

    It is a very good idea that some EC members put writing challenge and encourage other members to improve in English, but unfortunately I haven't enough time to participate in all of them, thanks Ali and Luzzi for such good topics.

  • It was really a nice topic Syed.I have scribbled something on this.Please have a look at it :)


  • @ Angel! Thanks for participating

    @Luzzi! Waiting to read your blog

    @Opti Waiting to read your blog

  • It seems to be so easy that i consider it pretty tough :D ali, hope i wont hate u more now!! good luck, guys.. hope u all will enjoy it!! High time to turn on my brain and to think about something entertaining :D
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