Hello, everyone. I wonder that no one mentioned this special day in blogs :( So let me do it for you.

Today is a special day for many people on this planet - today is a Victory day and a day when the Nazi were destroyed and the Great Patriotic war as a part of the Second world war was over. Also it's an Anniversary here -  70 years have passed after that day. 

Many people were killed, many villages were burnt, many children were tortured and many cities were destroyed forever. But on this day I want to say "THANK FOR THE PEACEFUL SKY AND MY HOMELAND" to all those soldiers who defended my country and all people. 

Need to tell you that 3\4 of my population were destroyed during WW2 , all villages and cities were partly or fully destroyed. So today is a very special day for me, my family, families of our country and many other countries too. 

My grandad was a soldier during the WW2 and he told me many things about that awful and scaring time. Thanks, grandad, for your victory and fight for the best future of my mother and your family. My red tulips to all those innocent victims who turned into a priceless price of peace. 

Bend your knees, modern people.

RIP, brave soldiers and my grandad. 

 No comments....Second world war in faces.....

Those who survived will always remember that day...

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  • world war ii

    very tough times

    thanks for the message

    and sorry again for the delay

  • very good writer i see the ware in your words

  • Sorry for my late answer.

    It's been a while since I've logged here.

    Nice pictures and nice spirit.

    Congratulations! It was a nice day.

  • well, happy day for your country, I wish good luck for our arabe nation. 

  • Dear Honey,
    hello and how are you?
    I think still the world is like that, but propaganda don't allow the reality to be shown. It is easy to understand this, you just take a flash look at situation in Yemen. every they they are being bombed. but where is the UN where is the the justice. they are very poor people without any weapon. they are in siege even are not allowed to receive humanitarian aids. it is not only Yemen, there are a lot if you look a little precisely. still there are Nazis and even a lot of Adolf Hitlers. I am so sorry but i need to say that the cruelty is its highest level.
    Thank you very much to make us to think about the history and take a little advice from it.

  • There is no rationale that could justify wars.  It is just pointless and leaves so much sadness in its wake.  I agree with Bob that we should give peace a chance.  Indeed we should remember these people with reverence.  Thanks Bee for the awareness of this. 

  • Thank you for caring about this event.

  • Alina, there is such a lot to say about that day. And not only that special day but also the previous times and the happenings that led to that day. But put it all in a nutshell, let´s hope that no such day is necessary again. Let´s hope the powerful ppl of the world will remember their responsibilty for the world before so such a big war never happens again.

  • Bob, then I guess the history would have another way of development. I feel sorry for your uncle.

  •  ♪♪blessing♪♪, hope all the youth could remember their deeds.

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