An apple 1

Once upon a time, there was a pious young man. He was hungry and he could not find anything to eat. It is not possible for him to steal, or commit an illegal act to get food. While he was walking he saw an apple orchard. He ate an apple, and his hunger was over. Then he went home.

At home, he felt the blaming of himself. It was his guilty conscience that was nagging at him. He ate something which was not his. Then he started to look for the owner of that orchard. He found him and told him that he had eaten an apple from his garden and he wanted to ask permission for that.

The unexpected answer came from the owner of that apple orchard, "No, I will never forgive you for that until the day of judgment." He ignored his emotional earnest appeal for forgiveness and left him. The young man followed him until the door of his house and waited there for him to come out again.

to be continued.   


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