Amazing voice

I think everybody agrees that Whitney Houston is one of the greatest female singers. Her voice was amazing and she had great success as a singer from the middle of the 80's to the 90's. You can listen to her amazing voice in her cover song "I Will Always Love You".

However, she had a difficult time from 2000 to 2008. She got hooked on drugs and was violently attacked by her husband. She must have realized that she shouldn't keep going on in such a situation. She divorced her husband and attended a therapy program for drug dependency.

She released a new album in 2009 after she overcame hardships and she sang songs about her revival in the album. I like this album more than any other of her albums because this album shows the power that a woman has when trying to overcome hardships. My favorite song on this album is "I look to you". Three years after she released this album, she suddenly passed away. This song was sung by R. Kelly at her funeral. It was so touching. 

I Will Always Love You

I look to you

"I look to you" sung by R. Kelly at her funeral

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