A star member!

While I was checking my email, I received an email from English Club telling me that my profile was featured.  <3 

Then, I swiftly opened MyEC to be ensured. :D

I kept looking at my name joyfully, gleefully and delightedly. :D 

I wished to send my thanks and pleasure to whom have chosen me, frustratingly I couldn't. 

Therefore, I'm grateful to all (either moderators or members). I hope to be a hard-working member so that I deserve being a star.. :)

I would like to congrats other members who are  stars too. :)


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  • @Sandeep,

    LOL! xD 

    I think that star members those who are active and work hard in different categories. Also, they have an attractive profile. Do I have such page? :D 

    Thanks for your comment. =))

  • Well in my case, I had no idea of being Star member until someone commented on my wall. Haha, I shocked initially, what just happened. I still do not understand what's that suppose to be mean.. :D But, I'm making more friends so may be it something good to have...

  • @Anele,

    Fabulous! Thank you so much, I really love it. 

  • @Sweety,

    Thank you honey! :)

  • @tHe uLtImAtE 

    Thank you for dropping by and for your wish. :)

    Wish you the same.. :)

  • @Manooooooooolty,

    Thaaaaaaaaaanks sweetie. Happy to see you here. :D 

    Keep in touch. :D 

  • @Anele and Yasmin, thanks for dropping by my lovely blog. :D 

  • @Anele, 

    LOL! :D 

    Here is the proof. :D 


  • @Yesemin, I think so. :D 

    Thanks for your fabulous card! 

    Congrats my twin.  


  • congratulations dear , you really deserve it :)

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