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   I hate it when people greet me with a post taken from Google ( ready made )
It is like paying for an artifical fruit juice or making your own hand made glass of it , the second one is healthier .
Today's modern technologies are tearing our humanity into small meaningless parts ready to use or used many times by others .
     We have lost our humanity and it's divine touch upon things , in a big horrible market, that can sell us everything include our feelings and emotions in plastic bags.
Back in the 80s people of my own small community used to refuse getting paper cards as an invitation for a wedding or disapprove it as away of inviting people to attend someone celebration .
No matter , how colorful or expensive the card was it was worthless in their eyes .
The proper and most suitable way was inviting people by phone calls or comming to their houses to invite them . I wondered why did they insist on that way . They did consider giving a card as a sign of dislike and disrespect .
     They were close to their innate human pure nature , where , communicate orally and physically is the only tool of expressing their emotions . How can anyone dare to skip their presence and existence and give them a piece of dead paper that don't speak a word and won't give a huge or a kiss .
    As we driven far away from our human nature by the winds of today's civilization , culture and ways living . People are tolerating these things more and more .

    Accepting their waste land and waste feelings as the pressure get stronger on their heads , they lost everything about their human nature .
In this Eid I sent a message online to one of my friends " Happy Eid . How are doing ? How's your kids ? "
Her reply was a ready made greeting card like an eye sore . I have been shocked . She didn't even bother to answer my question or to greet me back .
We are going to be machines and that is horrible . Some say that we will be genetically modified sooner or later . To do only certain task . If this happen I will flee away to a mountain top to keep my human nature safe .


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  • Times change. People change. Values ​​change. And we cannot stop it.
    Actually, me too. I prefer reality. Real friendship, real meetings, real feelings and, of course, real greetings on special days.
    But unfortunately we can't do that all the time when we want.
    Therefore, we have to use modern technology for communication because we need to go forward with our society.

    •   " I prefer reality  "  we are caged and isolated in technology   . 

           Thanks for your wonderful comment  Svitlana  🌷

      • My pleasure, dear Rosemary! )))

  • Dear Rosemary, Hi ))

    I do understand your disappointment when instead of some warm words you got a cold google-made card. (lol.... I seem to repeat Nota's words now...I'm not an original one and maybe sound as a google made) It might hurt to receive such greetings and/or invitations from close people. As for the acquaintances...actually, it's good enough that they remember us and even this way show us their attention. As it was said before as many people as many lives and each of them can pass through their own hell at certain moments.

    When I get even a google card, I am thankful for any sign of people's appreciation. No matter how they do it, worth that they do. 

    If it is a social media...people might want to decorate your page (we all practically live on social media pages now)

    Personally, I...can do both ways, though I prefer just to write some kind words. Even a simple line like "happy/birthday/my/best/wishes"  yet many people might think that I am a lazybones to decorate it...hehe...so....you see. Just taking it easy. People, who love you, might not use any card at all. They will just be next to you. 

    Wishing you a great day there...hehe....and look...I can't help but share this lovely gif on your page )) Heeheheh...do not think bad, please, cos I do it with love ))

    Virtual Hug Big Hug GIF - VirtualHug BigHug Bear GIFs

    •   Wishing you a great day as well dear Olga 

           Thanks for your  meaningful words 💜💜💜

  • rosemary:), greetings in the first place.

    Thanks for bringing forward a long-forgotten emotional trait. Getting only an invitation card about marriage, especially, from our closer one, used to bring about displeasure among us. Having a look onto the card, a feeling of disregard used to overcast our mind. We thought that they didn't give proper attention to us, expected them to come in person for the invitation. People used to come in a group to invite for the ceremony. They had some warm to chit-chat. Yeah, I very much miss those age-old behavioral aspects and those outdated people now extinct from the earth. I guess the idea of invitation with cards is the purely western one which was a misfit in oriental ideology.

    It seems to me that we are taking preparations for the upcoming machine age when machines and artificial intelligence will rule the world.

    •    I think you have got my point Shaheen  . Thasks for your warm words 🌷

  • We are living in a fast-paced and high-tech world. We are striving for efficiency in many aspects of life. For example, fast food restaurant for eating, airplane for traveling, email for communications.. We are also getting more efficient in building or keeping relationships, like giving each other greeting card, gift card.. Like it or not, the world is changing and we need to keep up with the changes. It doesn't mean all the old-fashions should be thrown away. Personally I prefer face to face interactions than talking to each other in front of our computers with my friends and relatives. And to be honest, the pandemic we are in now is really bad causing a lot of issues and causing deaths. If I am asked to list one thing that is positive, I would say it is slowing down the craziness of human kind and forcing closer binding within family.

    •    That's  my point  we need to slow down and get closer because we are losing our nature  

             Thanks 🌷

  • I don't know, Rosemary. I do understand that you were disappointed that that person didn't reply properly. (Hugs) 
    But do you know what is going on in the life of that person? Maybe she doesn't have time, maybe she doesn't feel okay, maybe she has sorrows...? Why is it okay to take pictures from google for blogs? People have different values, and everyone has reason to value the things they do. And often this isn't understandable for us. - Now for me it's hard to understand why that would mean that people lose their humanity in your eyes...? For me it doesn't matter where a card comes from... as long as the person writes me because he/she is honestly interested in me, or my well-being!  Now, I know that your values differ a lot from mine. But still ... 

    Wish you that you'll find the people that share your values... time is changing but there are still good people everywhere... as it always was. Yeah, and the bad ones're also hanging around... and the ones between... and the busy ones... and the self-absorbed ones... and of course we have different opinions who is what. 
    Greetings! ;-)

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