AG's Writing Challenge: Tell A Joke

Once upon a time a young boy went to his father and said:' Dad I want to get married.' His father smiled at him and said:' that's great.' The boy said that he wanted to get married with four brides at the same time. His father looked in surprise. He explained to his son that he couldn't afford them physically, emotionally and financially, but his son wouldn't change his mind.

Finally his father told him: 'ok, I agree but under one condition; you should marry one first then after a week I will get you the other brides. Son agreed. The old man went on searching for a very strong and smart girl whom can help him with his plan. He found the girl and talked to him about his son. The girl agreed to marry his son and to help him with his plan.

The old man told her that you should make the groom physically ;) and emotionally and financially exhausted, so he might come to his sense. Anyway the boy accepted to see the bride that his father had chosen for him. He gave his consent to marry her.

They got married and after a week his father went to see his son and to inform him that he was ready to fulfill his vow. He saw his son sitting in the yard looking so exhausted; He asked if everything was alright. His son raised his head and just looked at him. The old man said according to our deal he was ready to get him the other brides. To his surprise his son stood up and ran away with all his strength. :):):)

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  • A very good :) and funny story  :D ...

    Thank you for sharing, Setareh. Smart girl means something, isn't it? ;) :D

  • Dear Luci, Batuhan, Kal and shadow Thanks a lot for taking time and reading my joke. Youe comments even made it funnier, so AG you love physics; how about literature?:)

  • Nice jokes.Read & enjoy. Hahahahahahahahahha. ..the boy lesson from here that easy to say but difficult to do I think. Thanks for sharing nice joke but so meaningful dear Setareh...
  • Nice joke and nice lesson!

  • Not at all, Luci :P I love physics :D :P 

  • Setareh, I wonder, how she made him physically exhausted (innocent dull face)? :D Men are soo weak, hahahaaa :D
  • Dear Frank, I think one is vital, surely you agree, dont you?:) thanks for stopping by.

    Dear Estains, come on, on the contrary he learned it on time before getting into so much trouble.

    Dear Saahel, thanks for your comment.

    Dear AG, i laughed more when i saw your comment. :)

  • hahahahahahahahhaahahahaha.. physically :D the most important thing about marriage is physical things... poor groom hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha...


  • and his son said that she is enough for whole city.hahahahhahahahahah

  • Hahaha... the poor boy learned the lesson too late :D
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