I was born in Palangkaraya, the city where I live is very beautiful. According Palangkaraya marching songs or in Mars Palangkaraya, the city is known as a beautiful city (kota cantik). As long as I stay in Palangkaraya, I feel that what were written as the lyrics of the song are true. Palangkaraya city as a beautiful city because I admit girls in this city are pretty, hehehe.. But since the state fire attack (likely film avatar), Palangkaraya city that affected smog due to fires forest and land.

This smog is extremely detrimental to the citizens, such as citizen suffer from ISPA disease, which had visibility up to 10 m so there is no one plan flight and teaching and learning activities for students schools were closed. According to what I heard from the news on television the smog disaster is the most severe smog ever throughout history. An idea that the city of Palangkaraya is a beautiful city might turn into the city of smoke. According to my opinion, this smog was intentional by elements who are not responsible. These elements want to clear land quickly by burning the land. It is also possible to burn the land can reduce the cost of clearing land. I am very sad and feel why the disaster smog come to our city, but it's not us that burn this land I think I want to catch the person who set burn to the land, but I can not because there is no strong evidence and not be able to catch those responsible. Now I am grateful for a disaster of this smog is gone and passed.

Rain has gone down in the beautiful town of Palangkaraya, so that the fire has been extinguished and the smog is gone. Rain coming down so heavy and accompanied by high winds that knocked down the tower of PLN. As a result of electricity to be extinguished until the time can not be determined. Actually I've been grateful to have been raining, but I also feel sad because it turned out to have an impact on power outages. When I look at a social media, there is someone who has opinions, “better the smoke thicker than power outages”. I do not agree with that opinion, because in my opinion yes it was let alone outage important lsitrik smog has been lost. From this overall I remain grateful for what God has planned, probably through this ordeal makes us become more patient and strong. I hope that this incident does not happen again and that the elements repent.

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  • @dara gino: Thank you bro.

  • @Elen: Thanks, next time i will separate my paragraph, thanks for comment

  • @noaslpls: I hope too bro, thanks for comment

  • @Onee-chan: I agree with you, according to what I see and hear on news of TV, the government has lifted regulations on forest fires. Thanks for comment.

  • @syarif udin: Yeah bro, now the air in Palangkaraya was clear too, but the outages of electricity have been rare, since PLN build up the emergency tower, thanks to comment bro

  • Pertama, saya mau anda teman saya. Kedua, Palangkaraya jaoo dari Jakarta? Ketiga, saya suka blog mu. Good day Stefani Andani, I am hopoing to be one of your friends.

  • Sad to hear that. We have also fires sometimes in the summers. Governments must take more measures. Well written blog, but if you separate it in paragraphs it would be better :)

  • The smoke disaster was not only affecting the affected areas but also the neighbouring countries such as Malaysia and Singapore. I hope the Government of Indonesia will take all the necessary actions to punish the culprits. If no one take any severe actions actions those perpetrators, this man made disasters will occur again and again. 

  • Hi Stefani,

    Really sorry to hear that. I hope the government would change the regulations about burning land, soon. One family of my sister in law is also there in Palangkaraya. I hope everything is gonna be okay now and then. Thanks for sharing. :)

  • different with me fani, at Banjarmasin PLN is down every two days. and the air was clear from smoke

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