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Yes, I've been having difficulty adding comments. You may have experienced the same issue.

It may have something to do with NING by which MyEC is powered - it seems NING has always been making some changes here.

Sometimes I need to click on the 'Add Comment' twice or more times before I can see the comment. It can be so frustrating, though - I hope everything will be back on track again!

That's why I suggest you 'strike while the iron is hot' - in other words, I suggest you enjoy writing blogs or adding comments when there's no technical problem like this.

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  • Greetins to all of you and Happy New Year 2020,

    The first lesson of the audio news report that has been published by Teacher Tara Benwell can't show the answers. Everytime I click it, it doesn't open ( the subject is about New Year's Bomb Explods in Egypt( _ January 2011.

    In addition,  from the first audio news report until the one that is about Asions Nations Begin Free-Trade Talk don't have any place for leaving comments for the teacher. 

    I will be happy, if you resove the above issues. 


    Thanks in advance and best wishes, 

    Bijan from the Persian Gulf

  • testing
  • Hi Onee,

    Still abnormal here!

  • testing
  • It's fixed, Doc. :)
  • testing
  • Thanks Danny, Hardi!

  • I thought it's because I have too many comments in my group(Animegroup) when I was posting a comment other day, that maybe too big grown database could make it slow. But if it happens anywhere in the page, then it probably isn't because of me. :P I was worried, that I might start to delete all the old comments, which would be too much work to do manually.. Well I'm a patient person. I did not hit the button twice, because. I'm just so smart and mighty. I just opened additional tab in browser to do other things there, leaving ec open and when I came back after while, my comment has appeared. :D No need to hit many times, silly. :P :D

  • Dear Expector, it is the same here. We even called our network providers. They checked out our connection, our computers but everything is OK. I think it is an EC server problem

  • I was wondering why the delay - you have to wait a while for your comment to appear in the comments after you've clicked on the 'Add Comment':)

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