Achan's Wordless Wednesday #3

Hi, my lovely friends..I've just got this nice picture a few days ago. These guys are my nephews.Hope you like it ;)


As usual, your commentary and caption are required :)


"Tell me you love me or else!"...the winning caption was submitted by Tara Benwell. Well, thanks so much guys for submitting your lovely captions. I owe you a lot..See you on the next Wordless Wednesday ;)

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  • Thanks! I love this picture. Your message reminded me that it's Wordless Wednesday again. I'll have to find a good picture.
  • My friend Ardian..thanks for the dialogue.. :)
  • yellow shirt nephew: let me tell you how to get parents attention ... (whispering)...

    white shirt nephews: aah... you're right , big brother !

  • Yey, what a great comment, Dreamy..When it comes to food and milk, love is sometimes no more hahaha.. ;)


  • wow..that's news for me when knowing that you have a similar picture with this one, sister Anele. Thanks for the comment. Well, I believe that I need a super magic electro dictionary to interpret their baby talk, though :)...


    SEE, I am not laughing ;)

  • Nice caption, Teacher Tara..Thank you ;)
  • Tell me you love me or else!
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