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Abu Dhabi City Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

Abu Dhabi City Full-Day Sightseeing Tour

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates. There is no denying the fact that it is by far one of the most entertaining cities in the world owing to the beautiful architecture and artifacts that you’re going to find in this beloved city of UAE. You’ll find some of the biggest markets in this city where they still sell traditional items to the tourists, who take the items as souvenirs for their loved ones in their home country.  There are a lot of places that you can visit on your abu dhabi city tour To help you list down the interesting things to do in Abu Dhabi, 

let’s discuss them down below;

Ferrari World Abu Dhabi 


Feel the need for speed? 

Ferrari world is a heaven for the speed lovers out there. It is the only Ferrari branded themed park in the world. It exhibits some of the most ravishing rides that give you the taste of high-speed. Apart from the marvelous rides in this amazing place, you will learn a lot about the Ferrari brand as a company and their engineering. 


If you want to learn more about Ferrari cars, you’re going to love the idea of going inside the engine of a Ferrari. Yes, you heard that right! Visit V12that takes you on a boat ride, where you enter into the depths of 12 engine Ferrari 599 engine. You can see the mystery that lives within these high-speed cars along with sudden drops throughout your journey. 



G-force is a terrific ride that you’re bound to fall in love with and at the same time, you will feel your heartbeat racing faster and faster with every drop it makes. In the G-force rideyou’re going to feel the chills running down your spine from almost 62 meters in the air. Imagine the rush of force as you fall freely at a falling speed of 12 meters per second. These are the rides that make you wish; you never should have decided to go on one. 

      Speed of Magic 


Speed of magic is the unique pill of speed that comes as a surprise to even some of the most daring racers out there. Enter the speed force with this ride as it slowly enhances the acceleration to add the exotic kick to the ride. At the start of the ride, you feel as if there is nothing extraordinary about it but suddenly the ride picks up its pace and hits you right where you feel it the most. 

Follow the animated car on the screen to some of the most thrilling places throughout the ride. 

     Scuderia Challenge 


Scuderia challenge is the pinnacle of virtual race games. It doesn’t come as a surprise because it is available in one of the most unique and grand places in the world. There is a big 180-degree screen placed right in front of you and to top it all up, you have the opportunity to actually control the car in the game with a steering wheel. To be fair,Ferrari World Abu Dhabi is all you need to experience the luxurious lifestyle that lives here in Abu Dhabi.  

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  • Rose is right, it is nothing but a tyrinical display of richness.  I always feel a kind of fear in heart when I see them, even in pics.

  • Lol Mishaikh... it seems like that.

    I,m sort of agree with Rose reply, although I wouldn't turn my nose up to that trip.  Btw, no more trip experiences blogs coming Rose? :P


  • I like more to visit cities with history. Those artificial cities like Abu Dhabi grow like mushrooms out of the desert. They only show off the wealth of the oil bosses. They are like a huge shopping mall. When I want to visit a country, I want to learn about its history, art, and real traditions. I want to go into contact with the local people.
    A city that only offers pageantry tires me a lot. Why should I travel so far to see a Ferrari or shops full of jewels and gold as well as of Designer clothes? I really don't know!
    The only interesting for me are the buildings and greeneries. They show and testify to the art of architects and landscapers, and that is magnificent and stunning.
    But those cities don't show real life.
    And also... those kinds of cities have been build by poor foreign people who got only a small salary. They will never get a chance to enjoy their own work.

  • Is it an advertising blog for tourism?  

This reply was deleted.