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my name is melesa, I'm 20 years old. I'm interior design engeneering student, this is my third years at the college. I'm very quiet girl, I like hearing what ppl say more than talking.

the reason why i came to english club is to practice my english and gain a lot of vocabulary in order to learn more and more.

anyone can help me or give me advice to practice my english plz tell me :)

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  • Hi, Melesa!

    Here are the two links:
    http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/how-much-do-you-think-your http://my.englishclub.com/profiles/blogs/a-true-amp-real-friendship

    I think that these two writings may be very helpful for you, because they are my testimonies (in a sense) of how I could have improved my English better, although I must consistently go ahead learning & improving my English as fluently as possible, in writing & speaking.

    However, you seem to have been brave enough to express at least what you are looking for, and ready to learn anything for your future improvement. Hence, you just think of the possibility to improve your English fluently in writing & speaking, for the near future with your positive attitudes; be yourself! Take it easy & take a time! Don’t rush yourself in anything! Be positive in thinking that I (you) can do it and I (you) will improve my English as fluently as possible!!!

    I hope that you will read my writings linked the above links, and advise me with your own opinions or any questions if you have.

    Best Wishes,
  • wel come
  • Hi Melesa,
    Thanks for introducing yourself! I hope you'll find many friends to practise English with on MyEC. Please send a message to your new friends to write their own "About me" blogs. This could be like a game of tag!
  • hello melesa,

    you come to the right place, welcome to MY EC !

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