A Weird Nightmarish Dream

This night, after staying up late as usually chatting in EC chat room, I finally hit the hay and almost immediately fell asleep, but I was not inundated with the usual night time visions, the phantasmagory that followed was way different, it was the most weird dream I ever had.

  I found myself in an idyllic scenery - temple like building, all of white stone, broad streets running through lavish gardens, people joyfully discussing or just relaxing on the carpets of grass which seemed to spread around where ever one looked. They all were people well known to me which evoked some sort of inner tranquility as if I were in a world of friends only.  

 Then, for no good reason given, some unrest broke out among those people and they got ready to face each other. Two enraged groups were ready to jump at each others throats. I stood amidst one of these groups, also ready to slash out my anger, although I had no idea what it all was about. The lovely scenery disappeared and we were in some sort of rocky valley, barren and gloomy. We had no weapons only held stones in our hands, eyes glaring with hate and lust for blood.


  Suddenly I notice some Iranians among the group on the other side of the barricade. A strange feeling gripped my heart and I was unwilling to fight them, I said: "I shall not fight them as they are of my blood, neither shall I wield my sword at their foes, for they are my beloved friends!" I came up to the leader of the other group, which appeared to be one of my best friends...whom I lost in Iraq, and told him" Kill me, for I dare not harm you and your friends!"

  Hearing these words, the women from both group started lamenting and begged their men to appease their anger. People started embracing each other - the scenery turned to meadows full of shrubs in bloom and things seemed to be going the right way...but we were not given to enjoy our truce. Dark clouds flooded in hanging low over our heads and we heard the thumping of thousands of feet which made the earth under our feet tremble. An army of tall, clad in dark brown leather armor were attacking us. People started to scatter in all directions trying to escape death, yet the pears thrown at us downed many of us. I lay behind a big rock...the weather changed like in a kaleidoscope - howling snow blizzards through raging tempests to total, grey silence. When some blood from a wounded fellowmen stained my robes, I could hold myself back any longer and sprang from behind the rock I was cowardly hiding and truck the nearest warrior with a rock, to my great disbelief and utter joy, the ferocious warrior crumpled down hissing like a fizzy drink powder. When my comrades saw this, they also lashed out with whatever they could get hold of, soon there were no more vicious, nefarious warriors but pools of fizzy drinks of various colours and smell. 

  Feeling that victory was at the reach of our hands, we battled on, and on, and on till we came to a town of gray, tall buildings, narrow, dull streets and we heard some fantastic music coming from nowhere, it resembled the Nabuco slave aria. As conquerors, we were about to do with the women what conquerors usually do..but the women were made of something that looked like strings of garlic, when I befell one of those creatures in something that looked like a sitting room in a barn and tried to strip off the robes, the strings of garlic just fell down and a hen perched on the ceiling beam stared at me. I looked around, there were hundreds of fluffy, greyish fat hens sitting on the beams....in anger i hacked at one of them singing in the meantime an old polish folk song which asked the hen to give me a lovely, big egg..in return the hens started to sing in angelic voices:"Here you are, mighty warrior, take the egg and break it, what comes out of it, splatter it with your gleaming sword"...the singing of angelic voices and the music was something like Bach's fugue in D Minor.

   Blinded by anger and disgust, I started smashing the beautiful eggs which seemed to have a shell of scales in rainbow hues, but no yolk come out, only some clumsy, squarepant bugs started to crawl around. This made me see red, as i squashed the bugs, they changed their form, the more I smashed them, the bigger they got and looked more and more evil...as I kept smashing them, the angelic voices turned into some demonic screech telling me..."squash them all u want, they will grow bigger and hungrier and they will eat you ha ha ha ha"..this infuriated me and I kept lashing out at the bugs until i woke up on the floor.



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  • Mmmm... Is it correction of my words? Thank you, Herry Colin!:)
  • I meant that many people can lie about their possibility to regulate the dreams. And even though they can do this, it is no full control.

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  • To be honest Rys, first time I read this it was 2 AM in morning and I was so sleepy I couldn't get much except half dreamy picturing some war. When I woke up I gave another read and oh lord it was too heavy to have it in morning. Finally I gave it third read today after dinner lol enough energy to go through all. I can't imagine how you would have woke up when you saw this, waking up panting and sweaty, ah, horror!

  • Oi Elen,

      Indeed, dreams unfold in their own way, sometimes bizarre, sometimes very realistic. I also had some flying experience in my dreams. My first flights started, as far as I can remember, in my thirteenth's...at fist I had some difficulties in keeping the flight under controll and always landed entangled in power lines [I am afraid of electricity since one unfortunate event in my childchood], but somehow I managed to control my flying and now I quite enjoy those "flying dreams"...

    Thanks a lot for reading my blog, commenting it and sharing your own experiences in this field.

  • Hello rysperski! What a dream! The truth is that I like to see dreams with adventure or action. I often see that I fight with a sword or another weapon against the bad guys, lol. Or that they chasing me. The change of scenery usulally happens to me in simple dreams.

    Your dream had a little of all. Good, bad moments, mystery and unreal things. The feeling that you had in your dream but also when you woke up is something that only you can know and no one can totally catch it, no matter how well you describe it. At least this is something that I believe for my feeling.

    Well, what can I say, everything can happen in dreams, the present is mixed with the past, the reality with the unreal. I have seen that I was flying ;)

  • Oi, Roman

       Sure, it all can be lies, especially if our profound knowledge and vast experience say the contrary...

  • I meant that some people can lie about their possibility to control the dreams. And even if they can do that, it is no full control. Thank you for correction:)

  • Oi, Roman

    Correction..But I guess you got [past tense] [no IT] what i meant [past tense], didn't [past tense] you?

     No, I did not, be so kind and explain what you had in mind.

  • Well, yes. But i guess you got it what i mean... Don't you?

  • Oi there, folks

    Lol, Roman, first you think that its not true, then you admit that there could be some truth in it...so  it can be de facto all truth...as per logical thinking...

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