A wail

I should have been taken the heed so that I would not have been taken for a ride by her who put me on public trial.  I had taken a fancy that she was honest in her love and respect the dignity of her beloved. But the stock taken by me was shattered.  I should have taken off the world and hid somewhere before the matter of her so-called love of her had taken a turn for the worst. But now I have to take the bull by the horns or take it on the chin.  At the moment, I am very dejectedly taking heart and trying to take the hint that what was her ulterior motive. That is for sure, that she would not be able to take a bow and her wish to take the world by storm would be dried out and in the end she will have to take edge off herself and will never be able to take a bow.


Meaning:  Take the plunge: to do something decisive

                    Take a fancy: to like something or prefer something

                     Take off: to go on a journey

                     Take stock:  to have faith in something

                     Take heed: to be cautious

                     Take for a ride: to deceive or cheat

                     Take a turn for the worst:  when things go wrong

                     Take the bull by the horns:  to face the problem, take strong action

                     Take it on the chin:  to accept the blow without quitting

                     Take heart:  to be encouraged and courageous

                     Take a hint: to understand it

                    Take the edge off: to lessen the pain of something

                     Take a backseat: to accept to be second to someone or something

                     Take things in stride: to cope with in a calm way

                     Take the world by storm: to win the favor of someone, to become popular

                     Take a bow: to receive credit and applause for an achievement


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  • Dear Mishaikh, you used these idioms so beautifully in your writing. It is absolutely so useful. Thanks for sharing.
  • tnx alot,it was informative.i learned new idioms and new way for writting with use of (take).and tnx to Alice too.good for u mishaikh u r really active .i want to improve my english but i dont do anything just i want .its really bad for me.of course i dont know how to start.

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