The movie "Ten Promises To My Dog" is originally a Japanese film called 犬と私の10の約束. I saw it incidentally on TV two weeks ago. The story is talking about a girl Akari, who is the age of 12. Her father is a famous doctor busy with his work every day, and her mother is a housewife who suddenly got sick and then passed away finally. Before her mother died, a puppy one day comes to her homeAkari loves the puppy so much and named it Socks becuase the puppy's fur on feet look like they are  dressed in white socks.  She then asks her mother whether she can feed the puppy or not. Her mother says, " You can have the doggy as long as you undertake the ten promises to it." When time goes by, Akari grows up and has to move to another city owing to her job, and must leave Socks behind to one of her childhood friends. As the dog is getting older and ill, her father calls her back to take a look at her dog and reminds her of something she did promise to her dog. Here are the ten promises.

1. Listen patiently to what I have to say.

2. Trust me I am always on your side.

3. Play with me a lot.

4. Don't forget I have feelings, too.

5. Let's never fight.

6. If I don't obey you, I have a good reason.     

7. You have school and friends, yet I have you only.

8. Stay my best friend even though I'm getting older.

9. I'll only have ten years of life expectancy. Let's treasure every moment we get along with.
10. Never forget our life together, when my time comes please be by my side.


Do you think which promise is more most important for pets? Or, what promise needs to be listed as well? I think those could also apply to other creatures you or your family may intend to feed. Before bringing them home, think twice. If you are also fond of watching the film, you may click the links on Youtube. Prepare some tissue papers Have a tissue ready when necessary. 





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  • Dear Irina,

    Your comment is more than words. Yes, I totally agree with what you say. Dogs are our best friend and we should cherish what we have had rather than complaining what we don't have. I'm glad that you find this film educational and something for us human being. Thanks for the nice comment. ^_^

  • Dear Tara,

    I didn't know what run no sentence means before. Now I got it. I'd try to avoid the same mistakes.  Thanks a million for taking time to help correct my post. :)  

  • 2382084597?profile=originalHello Grace!!!!! I was seriously delayed with my comment.But " Better late than never"

      I am so grateful you for special blog. We should appreciate everything around us.

        I think you are agree, Dogs are loyal

                                      Dogs defend

                                       Dogs are often

                                       Your best friend!!!!!!

        Yeah... It's worth seeing this film what i did. The film is great!!!!! It's source of education and pleasure, and left a deep and lasting impression on me.

                     Thanks for sharing, my best friend.

  • 2. Before her mother died, a puppy one day came to her home, Akari loved the puppy so much and named it Socks becuase the puppy's fur on feet looked like they weredressed in white socks. (Here you have a run on sentence. You can't use a comma to separate two complete sentences. For two short sentences that are directly related you can use a semi colon. For example: The dog was sad; his bone was missing.  However, it's best to just separate sentences into two. Otherwise, you need a conjunction to join them. So, just place a period before "Akari".)  

    4. Do you think what promise is more important for pets? >In your opinion, which promise is most important? OR Which promise is most important? (Use "most" because there are many options. Use "more" if you are comparing two.)


  • Hello Martin,

    Oh..what promises to Cupid? Actually I didn't do any promise to him. I just tell him that he is the best cat in the world and is willing to obey what I have to say every day, hehee... 

  • Hello Anele,

    It's the life we human being have. Life is like a drama. Happiness and sadness are mxied together at times. If a drama or movie only contains one of these elements, it would probably not appeal to people to watch.

    Yes, I admit what you said, Anele. ^_^ 

  • Hello Syubi,

    Yeah, they seem to be good at editing movies between human and animals, dogs especially. The other dog movie " A tale of Mari and three puppies" did also make me cry for a long time. Perhaps they are considered one of human's best friends and have good interaction with us, so we may have lots of emotion on them while watching.


    PS: That dog belongs to one of my friends.  She wants to give him to me originally, however, I've a cat Cupid already. He dosen't like other pets to live with him at the same time. 

  • Dear Tara,

    Thanks a lot for taking time to read and comment on the post. 

    Little children sometimes are similiar to dogs that they need to be paid more attention to.

    And, why they have good excuses for not obeying rules all the time? I suppose it's because they are quite smart than what we think since there are quite a lot of information and 3C products they have nowadays to stimulate them.


    Re: corrections  I've amend them in bold font below. Please check if they are correct now.

    1. who is the age of 12

    2. Before her mother died, a puppy one day came to her home, Akari loved the puppy so much and named it Socks becuase the puppy's fur on feet looked like they were dressed in white socks.

    3. one of her childhood friends

    4. Do you think what promise is more important for pets?

    5. For tissue paper, thanks for that tip. I did misuse it here. How can I use the paper of wrapping gift to dry my eyes? I will remember my odd mistake and won't be araid to keep writing but avoid misusing it agin. Thanks a bunch. It's really useful way to remember it.





  • Hello dear Nafis,

    It's true. No matter who we get along with, we should try to put ourselves in their shoes as possible as we can. Thanks so much for reading my post. :)

  • Aww Grace...  ;(

    Seems like Japanese has a lot of touching stories about the relation between human and animal, you knew Hachiko of course. Hmm, hope they have the subtitle in English for this movie :D

    Is the dog in your pict one of your pet?


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