A thought, for the life.....

You can buy, a House

But can’t buy, a Family

You can buy, a Bed

But can’t buy, Sleep

You can buy, Books

But can’t buy, Knowledge

You can buy, a Clock 

But can’t buy, Time

You can buy, Position

But can’t Buy, Honour

You can Buy Blood

But can’t Buy, Life–span

You can Buy Marriage             

But can’t buy Love

You can buy many comfortable things

But can’t buy Pleasure

Life is not Money,

Money is not Everything!



***Note: A few years ago, I read an article from a Sinhala Newspaper. I have taken spirit of that article in very briefly.

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  • You know when you are the richest, when you feel the utmost satisfaction of any of your good deed extended to benefit others......................that is the richest moment of your life.

  • nice dear..

  • You can buy people

    You can't buy life

    Life is so short

    We can't bring money when we die...

    Dear Kal,

    This is a meaningful poem with a very good message. Thank you so much for reminding us. 

    Wish you a happy life. ^_^

  • Nice though, Money is important for life but we can't get everything by money. Thanks for sharing beautiful thought.
  • Some people live to get money. Other people get money to live.
  • The best thing money can buy?
    Is money...
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