A Suggestion for the Mascot!

Hi Tara! 

I’m a Honeybee! I would like to nominate myself for the Mascot of EC. I have the following grounds for wanting to be considered for the post. Please peruse at your leisure!  

1. A honeybee is part of a colony - a closely-knit family, like the EC community, to be precise! Our colony consists of a queen, drones and workers

2. The colony wouldn’t have come into existence without our benevolent sovereign, the queen. The way I see it, you have your own caring sovereign, Mr Josef Essberger who created EC and living a life of selfless to a virtual community. 

3. The might of our colony lies in our drones’ capable hands. Similarly, the rise of EC is left in the care of your lovely Administrator, obliging Moderators and friendly Teachers whose contributions are of immeasurable importance for its growth. 

4. Our workers are akin to the learners of EC. Our workers have to work hard for their own good and the colony. In the same way, your learners of English have to work hard for their own betterment and the people around them as they will be serving the community they live in, after all. 

5. There is, undeniably, a general perception that we are hostile towards others. I’m totally surprised by the vehemence of such view about us. People must understand that we don’t bother others unless we are bothered by them. In the circumstances, we are forced to use the ‘Stings’ for our sheer protection. I don’t see anything wrong with that! To my amazement, you have a small army of your own protectors called ‘Spambusters’. They are always ready to shield the club from unsuspecting dangers in the form of spammers. 

6. We are always energetic and there would be no lack of enthusiasm when it comes to going far distances to achieve our goal, “collecting nectar”. My advice to EC members is that you must always willing to go to any extent to master the English Language. You’ll be surprised to see how far you could go if you are persistent in your quest.  

7. It must be stressed that we owe the success of our colony to the untiring team work displayed by everybody at all times. I hope it is not too much to ask EC members to follow our footsteps and work together as a team for the mutual benefit of your club members. 

8. It may seem to you that it is very easy for us to collect that much of honey that you all normally see in our honeycomb. Actually, we carry the nectar from the (ground) lower level where the flowers are to the top of the tree, a higher level where we usually build our beehive. It’s indeed a gradual progress! You can’t achieve anything in life just in the blink of an eye. That applies to your learning of English as well. You have to move from one level to another. It’s up to you to set the bar!

9. After all these teamwork, dedication, etc. we all share the honey as a reward. Similarly, one day you’ll be rewarded with something pleasantly sweet – the mastery of English. I hope EC members will always emulate our achievements. Good luck! 

10. Oops, by the way, did you notice that the colours of my ‘suit’ match with the colours of EC logo? What an interesting coincidence!   

~* Gabriel Sowrian *~

April 7, 2014

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  • A great allegory it was...no step is ignored...it was a great blogpost...

    Thank you Teacher Gabriel...

    The Best.

  • Gabriel, this is excellent - congrats! I'm sure Josef's also impressed (I know Tara's been)! There can't be any doubt after this post who/what our mascot's going to be! Oh, and your background is so melodious and happy ; feels like one's with the bees among the flowers (and those singing birds)! Well done! :)

  • I agree. Fantastic blog post!

  • Thank you so much my dear Gabriel!

    thank you for your effort and hardworking 

    really it is a fantastic blog . 

  • Thanks for calling me the queen bee! I absolutely loved this post. I hope it convinces Josef, too! I can't imagine a more convincing mascot. Excellent persuasive writing!  

  • Dear Galina


    I would like to express my appreciation and thanks to you for being the first person to read and leave a comment on this blog as you did previously on all my other blogs. It’s no exaggeration to say that your words always bring a feeling of excitement, believe you me! Well, I must also convey special thanks to you for your strong support towards me from day one I joined this club. You’ve been an inspiration to me on many occasions, even though you had no knowledge of it! 

    Galina, it’s a known fact to you that I seldom visit EC these days as I have a whole lot of commitments to take care of in my daily life. You know what? When I signed in a few days ago, I couldn’t resist the urge to take part when I saw the request on the homepage of our club to share our ideas for a mascot that EC should have. The first thing that I pictured in my mind’s eyes was a honeybee. I’m very glad that you are of the same mind about the choice I picked.  Okay, I’ll be seeing you then! Take a good care of yourself, my friend! 

    Warm regards,

         ~* GS *~   

  • Your wording is really nice...I have learnt  a lot of new words which I must write down.

  • Fabulous tried to formalize / describe to English club contents in nice or various and interesting form of phrases. Pleased to read the blog.

  • Great blog, indeed! You choose a hardworking and useful insect as a mascot represents EC. Wonderful idea!
    I like the way you create your blogs,the unique style , the sound, the elegance and the excellent choice of the English words .The environment here is charming .Thank you so much for your effort dear Gabriel!

  • A DEFINITELY JUSTIFIED CHOICE and wonderful presentation , i think we should agree with HONEYBEE, by the way the honeybee lines black and yellow are considered to be the symbols of a very well known russian telecom ''BEELINE'', being a very useful and multi-optional telecom .2389110214?profile=original

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