A Strange Experience

Have you ever experienced something strange, irrational and unreasonable? I have once.

At that time I was on my motorcycle on the way home from my campus. When I almost reached my home, when I turned left, on the street corner, passed another motorcycle from the opposite direction with two guys on it. Right in that moment I felt a stone was thrown hard and hit my right waist.

"F**kk!!!" It was so painful that I almost put a dirty word out of my mouth to curse them. I thought one of them did throw me (with that stone). I put my left hand on my right waist while my right one kept my motorcycle running. And guess what? There was a fist-sized stone behind my shirt!!! Well, actually I don't know whether it was a stone or not since I didn't see it, I just held it from outside my shirt, but it was as hard as one and much bigger than an egg.

I held and rolled that "stone" with my left hand to my right waist while wondering. I was wearing blue jeans and long sleeve shirt and I inserted the bottom part of my shirt into my blue jeans. How could a stone be there? The only entryway for that "stone" to enter was through the collar. But it didn't hit my neck, it directly hit my right waist and then was suddenly behind my shirt miraculously.

I kept holding it for some seconds and was eager to find out what that thing exactly was. Then I took my left hand off it and put it back to the handlebar of my motorcycle so that I could park it (I couldn't do it only with one hand). But after I'd parked my motorcycle, something miraculous happened again. The "stone" disappeared!!! I searched it thoroughly with two hands. I groped around my waist, from front to the back, but I didn't find it. It was gone. Strange, isn't it?

When I told this incident to my friends, some of them said that it could be kinda black magic intended to harm me but, luckily, I was strong enough so I saved from it. :P (You must understand that people in my country still believe in such things: black magic, white magic, enchantment, spell, witchcraft... etc.) Did I believe it? No. But they were right in one thing: I wasn't sick or got hurt after that incident. My life went on normally in the next days and long after that. I just felt pain only that time, when the "stone" hit me.

And til now, I still haven't got a clear view and understanding of what it was all about.

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  • @William
    But what, William?
    By the way, thanks for the friend request. Nice to meet you.
  • Deepa - I don't believe it, either, Deepa, but it happened. I don't know how it was possible.

    Sofia - Yes, it is. Til now I haven't got the answer.

  • Deepa - Obviously it was not a nice dream. :p

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