When I was little, I always played with my fantasies like being a princess, an office secretary and more. I always use various kinds of equipment my father and mother to support my imagination, 
such as my father's laptop to become a secretary and my mother's dress to become a princess.I always dreamed of becoming someone who might never have happened in my life, but because of my imagination my childhood became colorful.
   There are many things that can always be my imagination, for example, like a dipper in the bathroom, I always use to be a pirate ship.Until finally I grew up and began to leave my imagination little by little.
But I always thought that in fact my childhood was very colorful, very meaningful, and full of funny and interesting fantasies, 
maybe that was just a short story about a fantasy in my childhood.
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  • Thanks for sharing such an interesting story. Bless you, for having a great childhood.  

  • thank goodness your childhood wasn't bleak

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