I do not like shopping. All the shopping for me and kids are done by my wife. Once she very casually asked me whether I was coming with her. She had to make some shopping for her and kids.

“Ok” I nodded in affirmation. “Oh! You are coming!” Her smile was showing her pleasure while there was surprise in her eyes. 

First we went to Bahadurabad, where she started wandering shop to shop. I was just following her quietly. She purchased two shalwar kameez suits for herself and two four our daughter. Then we moved towards Tariq Road. At the intersection of Bahadurabad and Tariq Road we had to cross the road. That is a four way road. Too much traffic was there. 

“Let’s cross from there” She held my hand and moved towards the island made between two lanes. She crossed the road holding my hand as I was a child, but it didn’t hurt my “manhood” rather I felt a satisfaction being protected and cared. 

We crossed on the other side of the road where Tariq Road starts. At the corner of Tariq Road, a plaza or a mall was under construction, so half of the road was covered with concrete, cement, iron bars and the mixing machines. There was water and mud spread all over the place. The hullabaloo of the labors and the cacophony of the machines were hammering my nerves. 

“Let’s move over there” My wife is a good face reader. She took no time to feel my nerves, and hold me from arm and carried to the other side of the road.

“Now, what we have to do here on Tariq Road?” I asked her.

“I have to see some things for the kids; you just come along with me”

‘Ok” I submitted and followed her holding the bags of previous shopping.

She went into a shoe shop. It was a very big shop. There were all types of footwear. She bought a sandal and shoe for our son. She very well knows the sizes we all wear.

She turned to me saying, “You choose a sandal and a shoe for yourself” 

“Why? I do not need any, and you said you have to shop for the kids”

 “And what you are? You are no more than a kid”. “Am I not taking you everywhere holding your finger?” There was a bright smile on her face. I again felt a sensational pleasure inside me. 

If we have inner understanding with our love ones, especially wife, a stage would come in our life when we forget missing our mother, because we have been compensated by the Nature with a loving and caring wife.

She selected a pair of shoe and sandal for me. There was no chance to object or argue, because that was a perfect selection in shape and quality both. She knows very well that I like soft leather.

“Shall we go back now” I asked her.

“No not now. I have to buy mud mask for our daughter” She said decisively.

“Have we to go to that grocery shop in that congested street?” I almost shouted.

“You remember it” She smiled.

“How could I forget that cheat. They once sold me an expired cream”

“It was your fault, why didn’t you check before leaving the shop” She again put the responsibility upon me.

My wife always stresses upon to be responsible even for others how they act. In her opinion if we are conscious about our own acts we can be saved from the wrong deeds of others also. This is her philosophy. 

That shop is in the street in front of Liberty Hotel. That is a very narrow street and very congested too. The shop I mentioned is quite a big one. My wife bought mud mask. It was imported from Singapore. It is a piece of dry mud, and used after soaking in the water. It is good for pimples and other sort of face problem. 

“Shall we go now?” I pleaded.

“Ok yes it is done, let’s take a taxi.” She said with a consoling smile.

We at last reached back our home. She was full of energetic pleasure, and me, completely exhausted and lackadaisical. 




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  • @Eric
    Thanks for elaborating husband psychology. I like your comment.

  • Thank saba for your comments to my blog and liking it.

  • You're no different from any other "red blooded man" of the "human race"...Most men would rather spend a day off watching a good game on television in their under wear, or at least enjoying our wife's company on our terms, rather than accompanying her on a shopping trip...Truth be told, you survived an interesting journey while scoring a few points on "The Husband Loyalty Meter" (at least in her mind)...I congratulate you on your hard earned victory my friend! ;) The spoils of victory come in small doses when you're a father of young children and husband to the wife who helps to raise them. Enjoy those memories, past, present, and future...Great posting and thanks for sharing!

  • Nice blog, I love shopping, even reading a blog about shopping pleases me :)

    Although men hate shopping, it is ultimately beneficial for them, shopping is the backbone of a market economy.

  • Ah, so they're like typical dress, good! I see they're colourful and comfortable to wear.

    Thanks for your concern and time Mishaikh.

    Btw, I know well your feelings when reaching home after these 'experiences' :D
  • Setareh:
    Most grateful for your nice comment and appreciation.

  • Thanks SNR for enjoying my shopping experience.

  • Estanis

    See through this link design of Shalwar Kameez (lots of for women but a few for man)

    shalwar kameez pakistani - Bing images
  • Dear Mishaikh, it was like i was reading a story. well done! I love your wife's philosophy. She is so wise. God bless your family. In my case my husband and daughters don't like to go to different shops. They like to do the shopping after seeing 2 or 3 shops, but on the other hand i like to search all shopping mall.:D So they are always sitting somewhere talking to each other while i am looking around alone.

  • @Estanis
    This is dress, designed for both man and woman. I will try to post the pictures.
    Thanks for appreciation.

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