A Recent Sighting Over The California Skies.

One night (a few months ago), I was sitting on my back porch and joking around with some of the EC members while posting. Most of you who know me well are aware of the fact that I'm not much of an English Teacher and simply enjoy chatting here while doing my level best to help out when time allows. Writing and being creative is a part time hobby of mine. Yet, this is a true story and I'm composing it in a serious manner.

Anyway,... These strange orange lights appeared on my southern horizon with a northern heading. They were flying high and looked very similar to a passing satellite by the time they flew over Northern California. No sound was heard out of them and they formed a "V" pattern (like flying geese). Several others also followed them in a random and single formation. They were out of the atmosphere and traveling at a high rate of speed.

I know what a satellite looks like in the night sky. These objects were orange. A satellite appears white while viewing it from the ground. There's so many of them floating around our planet. Most of them pass by in a random nature depending upon their orbit and the way the sun reflects upon them. The naked eye can spot them if you look up at the right time in the evening.

Norad and the United States Airforce reported very little on the subject.

I've even seen missles fired in the night sky during military test operations upon occasion. They emit a glowing tail behind them while in flight. All are well documented while being seen for hundreds of miles by everyone. I've witnessed them from my inland location while being fired off the coast by a naval ship while looking westward. I've even seen one in the night sky to my east. It probably was launched from a Nevada testing ground. Trust me, I've observed it all in this state during my 44 years of existence (when I was lucky enough to have my eyes on the night sky). These weren't missles. They simply don't fly in formation like that.

When I saw them, I thought I was crazy and needed to call my daughter outside to confirm what my own eyes were observing. Unfortunately, my own iphone video couldn't capture the moment properly. I'll post two tube videos filmed by someone else at the end of this writing.

My somewhat uneducated guess tells me these flying objects were United States "Black Budget" aircraft out for a military flying excercise. Perhaps the space shuttle was retired for a reason. 

If you read this blog addition, give me your guess or opinion on what you think they are. I'd appreciate the comment and honestly have no idea on what was seen. It's a mystery to me. When I was posting that night on EC, my laptop computer was momentarily dropped in amazement. 

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FBKBs2QMzzM This is was what I saw few moments later on the same date and from a different state. Still, they must have been the same objects. It was a very clear April night here. By the time I saw them, they'd gained altitude. Luckily, I was outside posting to all of my friends here and witnessed this. Unfortunately, I didn't have the courage to tell this story until now. Still, so many people in my region saw these objects and thank God for the internet.

Take a look at this one as well. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Df8_  

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  • That was God trying to contact you, for telling you: [God's voice] "Eric, be nice and keep teaching Mary some english slang..."

    Btw, your 'God's voice' also sounds like an echo deep voice from beyond the grave? :/

  • awesome if you really saw it ,amazing sight to witness 

    lol @ your comment 

  • This is my one parody comment on this blog. It's just a joke so please don't be offended. Noas read it last night. "When the aliens finally do visit, those little gray guys are going to land on my continent and eat the fat Americans (like me) first"..:))) It was simply an airforce training excercise. Who knows what my government is up to at certain times. They certainly don't share all of their secrets with the American public. Sometimes I'm glad they don't. Still, it was just an awsome sighting and I felt very honored to be outside and posting to all of my friends here when it happened. Luckily, the latest episode of Dr. Who wasn't airing that night. Otherwise, I'd have been inside and would have never seen it with my own eyes ;)))))

  • I don't know what was that! Have never seen those objects before! One of the two links doesn't work!

  • Was it UFO?

  • That were the Star Trek's planes. LOL 

    On a serious note, if I were you, I would just scream and scream with excitement, nervousness, and various other emotion. What ever other people wanted to believe, I always think that we are sharing this galaxy with other 'creatures'. 

  • Nice
  • Such an undeniable and rare exprience forsure !....
    I've heard the same possibility for that... I mean those "Black Budgets" But honestly I just can understand how u felt as spotting them !.... Tooooooooooo Exciting.... Coz Once When it was a cloudy night, while gazing at clouds suddenly I saw 2 objects flying and circling... Like they were playing with each other beyond clouds.. My uncle was next to me and when I wanted to tell him, I was just stuttering my words !... Couldn't control myself... but at that time I got they were light projectors ( sorry I don' know the exact word for it )... But I had a rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreally undescribable feeling at that time, hadn't ever b4 and now I just can say, if I was in your shoes, I would faint by the first moment !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Over Weird and exciting !
    Thanx for sharing !

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