A Poem free from all Poetic Rules

Returning from your city empty handed, not even have life

otherwise I would have given my life while returning.


I have been the continuous guest of the city

Every stone in the hand of my rivals now recognize me.


The friends and well-wishers disappointed me

May they give some wounds while leaving


Now not permitted even to crawl, otherwise,

would have blossomed the flowers of my wounds


I was the burning stone of dessert, you were the river,

May you quench my thirst while leaving.


I am weeping, but do not know how to cry

People are laughing at me while passing by


I am the traveler of the path of love, may there be others,

May they remove the stones of this path for the new comers.






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  • Hi Mishaikh, 

    The true essence of  love can be easily felt from your writing. You writing is so heart touching no matter what kind of love it tries to portray. 

    Again it was nice reading your blog. 

    Especially " I was the burning stone of the dessert ,you were the river"

    No matter what place you come from , no matter what language you speak. Love can just happen between two persons who are completely different from each other and come from completely different environments. 


    • How truly you have expressed the love does not see cast color and creed, it just happens.

      Thanks for being so considerate. 

  • Since you have so many admirers of your poetry here, I'm allowed to say what I think, right? 

    I wonder when one of your protagonists grows a consciousness??? Reflecting on one's deeds is the first step. People who only pity themselves without ever admitting their wrong doings will always end up alone... just running after the next and the next... Self-idealization is the wrong way! Love can't exist without personal growth. There is this cruel saying: Nobody likes a whiner. I really don't like that in general. But it fits 100% on every poem I've ever read from you.

    Well, you have enough people, who love your writings here, you can live with my dislike.

  • Returning from your city empty handed, not even have life
    otherwise I would have given my life while returning.
    ......Aha...what an expression, if it is really said by someone in reality another one should cross the Pacific ocean.......lol. But, in reality, people do not listen to others carefully....they just being busy ....feedling, horseing around, running after either job or fame.....where is time to listen to others? But, yes, when they look back, they may find there was something so precious but time has gone....so can not get back neither the time nor the .......

  • Oi, folks

       I couldn't agree more with the title!!!

  • Dear Mashaikh.
    Also a poem free from all poetic rules can be poetic. You prove it with this poem.
    Even though your poem has no rhyme, it is like a flow of lovely romantic words which take us with you on a travel through your thoughts and emotions about love.

    Thanks for sharing it with us.

    • Rose I always feel good to have you in my readers list being the one to find the essance of literature in between the line. 

      Thanks a lot.

  • You are my day..and night....my light...and rain ...  my instant and century...my beloved one ...

    Words from a song...not mine ))) Just came into mind while reading your words, Mishaikh.

  • Zindigi  eyesa,  Mishaikh sahib. I don't like people laughing at me, but I want someone to quench my thirst. Those nice words are really meaningful. Thanks for sharing. 

    • Thanks dara. I am glad you like it.

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