In silence,

I sat on a bench in the empty park

cloudy sky, gloomy morning, drizzle promising magical atmosphere

lonely feeling, 

This is the same dull bench, same park, when we met each other on the first date. 

I remembered the smile in your eyes, when we walked into this park.. it was a great rendezvous, It was my idea to create an unusual date for you, I wanted to impress you, I wanted you feel that I was different from other guys whom you ever known in your life.

And here I am, on the same dull bench, same park, when we met each other on the first date. 

Contemplate the purple twilight, stare the color of the sky changed the darkening light and again.... feel so lonely

Through your eyes, I could found everything I need, love and passion, togetherness, freedom, happiness, like a journey to the end of the rainbow, you were my fantasy world, you set me free in your world...

And now, here I am, on the same dull bench, same park, when we met each other on the first date.

remembering the moment when we were together, remembering the last time you said good bye and flew to the heaven,

and I released my grip on you without any strength.....

Sometimes I have to go back to my real life, in that time I missed your eyes so much, 

reality always throwing us to the hardest part that we never wanted to feel, and its irresistible

And again now, here I am, on the same dull bench, same park, when we met each other on the first date...

The park still the same, the bench is still there, one thing is changing, there is no one besides me, no smile like an angel,  no more journey to the end of the rainbow....

all of the great memories already in my heart..

and on that dull bench we left our love, 

now I'm walking through the park, left all of the great memories, never looking back, 

keep wishing I will find another park with another bench to share with.

trying to keep smile on my face, accepting my destiny,and keeping my chin up.

and now, I left the dull bench behind, I won't forget you but I have to release myself and continue life....




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  • Dear elen, yes dear the wwords are coming from my heart, I thank you for reading, it means a lot
  • Dear estanis Heheh, do you need a shoulder? I'm here :-)))
    Thank you for reading and feel the story with me, it's another journey to the end of the rainbow....I really appreciate
  • Nimzaf, did you date with your wife in the park? Ooowh so sweet....keep the great memories, when you called it back its so wonderful..
  • Nice blog Ratu. Something which carries your emotions which is very important element of writing where you are you, different from others.

  • No comments.... words directly from your heart... :)

  • Why do I feel like crying now? I wish I could express like that. Congrats! You also made me recall old memories.
    Thank you.
  • Hi Ratu Oh directly touched.what a lovely and nicely you have expressed the reminded me that my sweet memories again.
  • Dear Alice,

    when people have the experiences to love and be loved and then lost the love, they can express it in many ways, in my case, i try to write it, even though its far from good at least it reduce the sorrow....thank you for your kind attention

  • You have known love and lost love, how beautifully you have expressed this! :)

  • Dear Mish,

    Thanks for your correction, I changed chair into bench, and sounds good

    thanks Mishaikh I know you always supporting me

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