A page from my biography( page 170)

It was winter; Setareh had some strange feelings, so she asked her husband to buy a pregnancy test device to see if she was pregnant. Her husband went to drugstore and came back soon. With eyes filled with tears of joy and happiness Setareh informed her husband that they were going to have a baby. It was the best moment ever; she and her husband were on cloud nine. After few months, when Setareh went to doctor for monthly check-up; her doctor told her that she could hear two heart beats and that means two babies. Setareh was shocked “twins, you mean I am going to have twins?” she asked her doctor. The doctor confirmed.

She couldn’t believe it. She told her husband that they were going to have twins; her husband got surprised just like her. Setareh was afraid of whether she could take care of two little babies or not. She had no experience. Then she and her husband started talking about their babies, about whether they like them to be identical or not, to have boys or girls or what she would do if they both cry. It was like they were trying to believe what they heard. As they talked they realized how happy they were, gradually all of their worries vanished as they feel the joyous of having twins.

Seatreh and her husband prayed for having healthy kids no matter if they were boys or girls, identical or different. They asked God to help them to raise their children with all their love. Now setareh’s twins are all grown-up; she is always grateful to God for having them.

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  • Nice I like you history, maybe some days I could begin god writer, today I made many mistakes when I was writing, whereas enjoy reading you blog

  • Dear Gerardo, thanks for your nice comment. I wish you all the best.God bless you and your family too.
  • Dear Setareh, nice story, reading your post is like an "oasis in the middle of the desert". Thanks for sharing this, it helps me to remember that when you´re lucky man, family is the most important thing in your life...

    God bless your family. 

  • Dear Beethoven, thanks for reading my post and dropping some lines.God bless you and your family too.
  • Setareh, I enjoyed reading your blog. Nice to read about some thing happened at others life. Wishing god bless your twins.
  • Dear Tara, thanks for taking time and reading my post. It's so hard to raise twins meanwhile it's so sweet.
  • Dear Ann, I wish that for you and husband too
    but that would be so difficult.:D thanks for your comment.
  • Wow! What a beautiful story from your biography. I had goosebumps reading this. I admire any parents with twins. What a gift! Thanks for taking part in this month's Writing Challenge

    Writing Challenge: A Page from My Biography
    Before you read this, pick a number from 1-300, and write it down. This month, we are going to work on writing a page from our biography.  A biograph…
  • What a very lovely story. I hope one day my husband and I will have the same happiness like yours.
  • Dear Usra , dear Elena
    thanks for reading my blog. God bless you and your families too.
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