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Hello everyone I come up with a new post regarding vocabulary of some actions.any mistakes please let me know
Action words related to smile :
1. beam : To express by means of a radiant smile
2. chuckle : to laugh quietly or to oneself
3. smirk :an affected,silly or self satisfied smile
4. deride :To laugh at contemptuously.
Action words related to sleep :
1. yawn : osticate,gape [to open the mouth wide because one is sleepy ]
2. drowsy : to be in a state part way between sleeping and waking
3. doze : slumber, a short light sleep
4. nap : a period of short light sleep especially during the day
5. power nap : a short sleep taken during the working day with the intention of improving the quality of work later in the day
6. snore : To breathe during sleep with harsh, snorting noises caused by vibration of the soft palate.
7. dog sleep : pretended sleep

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  • thank you setareh

  • So interesting, thx for sharing
  • you are welcome ayesha 

  • deride and dog sleep is new for me, thanks for sharing :)

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