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●° • A Miserable locust ●°•

     The locusts invades are expected to happen from time to time . They fly high in huge groups covering the horizon and as they land they don't what they will get have or confront . It is taking a risk of falling on the unknown
Some might land on a green leaves , others on a yellow ones or been endvoured by a hungery bird peak .
               Women are like these miserable locusts they don't know what they will get.
My grandmother used to say it over and over. A locust might eat fully or be eaten .
Locusts keep falling from the sky toward their unknown destiny. The unknown never stop them and the environmental cycle will continue . I have seen locusts invasion two times in my life one was when I was 8 years old . At that time running after a locusts was a great fun for me and the other was afters years . I saw locusts last year summer and it was nothing for me . Since I don't have a field or a farm .
    But still the words of my grandmother resonating in my ears , when she connect between the concept of good and bad luck to a locusts fall .
I think I have had experienced them both .
I am a locusts looking for a green leaves looking for life to continue its cycle


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  • F*ck ugly locusts. You can be a butterfly!


  • you make me google Locust Rosemary... hehe  i learning new words and meaning today... 

    •     I am glad you did so :) have a nice day 

  • Dear Rosemary.
    The saying there is always something good in the bad, as your grandmother's words suggest, would be too easy, even if it seems that there is some truth in it.
    It sounds powerless when we talk about women in this context.

    Believe me, women are not like these locusts. If they were like them, they would have power over their fate, because they would have an advantage over society.

    The uncertainty and fear of the next attack would make those societies, where women are not as honored and valued as men, more humble, thoughtful, and grateful.

    Excuse please that kind of polemic in my comment. I know there is a big difference between women in societies like mine and yours. I can only guess how it is, that's why I don't judge but encourage.

    Be couraged and hopeful, dear Rosemary. The time changes often faster than we think.

    I wish you good luck with your farm (without locusts attacks), and for you personally, all the best.
    Speaking like a locust: "Plan the next attack. Be the one who eats without to be eaten."


    •    :)  thanks  Rose 

  • As if luck always  carried by wind to any where .But those who  were lucky theire fortune leadS  them to  gardens full  of flowers .I hope your  hope distination bey 

    nice places


    •    Thanks for your wonderful comment ali

  • You are such a dreamy writer who lives in her own reminiscent world... I like it so much the way you write and the way you dig into your old memories... I like the warmth in your words always... 

    I have only one thing to say... We are all the same examples as in your grandmother's metaphor... We are all elements in this cycle, and we don't know where it is going to take us... In a way or another, we can find peace in every difficult situation.. no matter what it is... I know that others would judge you immediately according to your cultural backgrounds... But nobody can feel the world where you live in your mind... This is why it's only your responsibility and only your responsibility to find peace in your own world... I know you can do it... And I know that you can definitely be safe and secure with your own...


    •   Hi AG  :) 

      I have enjoyed reading your deep passionate words  and liked them so much 

      They were honest  and very profound  :) 

               Have a nice blessed day 

  • Hi, Rosemary, whenever you write about women, it gets so obvious how different our cultures are. When someone in my country would write something like this, she would get upset answers from other women like: Stop pitying yourself; get your life together; you're responsible for your life, nobody else!! 

    And this is also what I'm thinking at first. But then of course, I remember where you live. And that's the only reason why I know it's not right to tell you something like this. But what should one answer your blog? I don't know, I really don't know. I wish you the best, Rosemary, and I hope the wind will drift you toward some green leaves. That's all I can say. Greetings 

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