Miss. White Tiger,
Rock Palace,
Plain path,
SL Jungle.

Hello my dear Ant,

How are you? I am fine and still in the same place. I am trying to find out you, but you are missing (Sorry, I don’t know where you are). I am still here (I am sitting on the bench which we were used to sit and talk when we were together).

Can you hear my sorrowful voice? Can you see my weepy eyes? I am following your foots prints, but How can I recognize your foot prints from other Ants. If you ate more food you should have the biggest foot prints. Now don’t say follow your scent. How can I follow a nasty smell of a dirty ant? I truly hate the Ants (except you, I like you because you have a big red head and you can speak English, P (a secrete language) and Antish…)

I know that when we were together we were fighting (specially for Lunch and sweets)but I didn’t mean to hurt you.At the moment I have some chocolate bars on my bag. Though I like to eat chocolate, I couldn’t eat them without our fighting. I am really missing you my dear friend.

Thank you,
Your loving friend
White Tiger.






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  • Interesting post! :D

    Thank you for sharing, Samu

    Keep writing! :)

    • You are welcome

  • Samùuuuuuu....i am so very happy to see you around! Hope, everything is okay. Though the letter is not for me...lol

    • Yes dear, Letter is not for you. ha ha. Glad to see you too. 

  • i am always amazed when writter express very meaningful content using animals as main actors, instead of humans..

    Congrats, nice work..

    Even George Orwell would be proud of you  :)

    • I was used to write things like this.

  •   It's  seems to be very hilarious and interesting  to write a letter to an ant. :)

    • Yes. Hope ant will reply,

This reply was deleted.